What to NOT wear in the airplane?

While comfort is key, some outfits may not be the best option for a long flight. In fact, some outfits can make the experience downright miserable for you and your fellow passengers. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the worst travel outfits for inside an airplane. These are my self-learned travel tips so you can avoid making these outfit mistakes on your next flight. So sit back, relax, and let’s dive in!

1. Do not wear a poncho.

A shawl type layer of clothing gets caught on everything from your personal item bag to the seat back when you are trying to get out of your row. Take it from my 20+ years as a pilot’s wife packing only in a carry-on bag. I have made this travel outfit mistake twice with a poncho type sweater.

If you carry a purse or a tote bag, the strap messes up the look, but the main reason is that it gets caught on everything and just adds stress to the flight.

TIP: pack that versatile poncho for during your vacation.


2. Do not wear white pants in the airplane.

I learned 2 travel tips for why to avoid wearing white in the airplane:

1. Other passenger’s stains in the boarding area or in the airplane seat – so many people eat pizza in airports for some reason.

2. Scuffs from your carry-on luggage wheels when you take it out from the overhead bins in the airplane (if you want a rolling suitcase that fits under the airplane seat, this is how I packed 8 outfits in it for a trip)

TIP: just pack the white pants or trousers to wear while you are on vacation.

long dress for travel outfit

3. Do not wear a maxi dress in the airplane.

I have loved this this year! Since this picture I cut it off, and my mom hemmed it for me.

Wearing a long maxi dress INSIDE THE AIRPLANE can be no bueno because of other passengers’ mistakes. Since the dress is long, it will drape across seats in the boarding area.

TIP: check the length for brushing across the airport floors as well as high traffic tourist roads. Think spilled coffee on the road, throw up on the floor that was not cleaned all the way.

Since we want to rewear travel outfits and maximize the space in a carry-on bag, we want to keep the dress as clean looking as possible. Just pack this dress.


Inside the airplane is where travel outfits can be ruined for the rest of your trip. Just pack those outfits in your carry-on to be worn during your vacation. Need more tips to beat jet lag for a long-haul flight this year? My packing tips will help you!

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