Here are Travel Essentials to Pack for a Christmas Market in 2023.

I will show you what travel outfits I packed in a carry-on only. And some of these Christmas Market packing list items will help if flying there in an airplane.

Tip 1 is to check your airline’s carry-on size dimensions.

Before you pack for a Christmas Market in Europe, check their size dimensions for your carry on bags. Some international airlines have limited your bag size to a very small requirement because they are trying to get you to check luggage. But being in control of your Christmas Market essentials is easier if you can pack only in a carry-on bag. Inspect your carry-on luggage wheels for durability. You may be walking them over cobblestone roads if your Market is in Europe..

2. Before packing for a Christmas Market check the weather.

Now, you can pack for walking in the elements. That helps you know if you need to pack water-resistant outerwear or can you leave it at home.

3. Pack shoes that are water-resistant if there is a chance of rain or snow.

Walking all day in the right shoes will help you have a better vacation for any trip. When you have been touring all day at a will also be appropriate for restaurant travel outfit. My tip is to pack at least one pair of

4. Pack gloves for carrying your mug around while being outside.

You will be outside for a Christmas Market shopping or sipping mulled wine. Because you checked the weather you will know whether you need really thick or fleece-lined gloves or if you only need some leather gloves.

Take it from me, these are the best gloves for travel if you will ! They work so easily with no frustration while typing on a phone with gloves.


Update: I needed water-resistant gloves because it was raining several times while holding an umbrella.

See what I wore in 2023’s Christmas Market:

5. Pack wet wipes for a Christmas Market!

There will be crowds of people. Most will be sipping mulled wine and eating sticky food so pack a few wipes in a baggie in your coat pocket each night.

6. Since you will be taking a train or bus to the market, pack layers.

Many metro stations or the Tube do not have air flow so it can get very warm and stagnant. Packing clothing that can be taken off and tied around your waist will help you cool off as well as aid in you being hands-free for sipping.

7. My tip is to not pack a vest because you cannot tie that around your waist.

A travel hack is to string the arm holes over your crossbody straps.

8. Pack a thermal base layer if cold.

If it will be 30 degrees, pack a or my – Hot Chillys.

You want the layers to be thin enough but effective in regulating your body temperatures.

Then layer on top of that.


9. Do not pack your thick, bulky sweaters.

One travel hack is to wear thick sweater in the airplane for the trip…do not pack it. Wear your heaviest shoes in the airplane so that you have more space in your carry-on bag.

10. Pack shoes that are easy to get into with warm socks.

11. Pack a light colored sweater for night photos at the Markets.

Creamy white shows up against the night views at Christmas Markets especially if reflecting the white lights in the streets.

One million viewers have watched my video about what not to wear in an airplane, and I am taking one of those tips for you: do not wear your creamy white beautiful winter outfit inside the airplane.

12. Pack a thin rain jacket or rain poncho.

It could be raining all day while shopping at a Christmas Market. My and has backpack straps which I love for stagnant air flow in Europe. But if it is pouring rain for a long time, a tiny poncho would be ideal!


13. Pack a converter adapter for that country if you are packing a curling iron or a hair dryer.

Call the hotel to see if they provide hair dryers. If you are not packing one of these items, then just pack an . That changes the shape of your plug to fit their outlets.

If you need the , it is just a bulky addition to what you have to pack in your .

14. Pack a neck pillow for the long flight over.

I love this but it is for long necked passengers. The straps attach to the headrest so your head does not fall forward! Do not miss my travel tips on how to get rid of jet lag if your Market will be in Europe after a long-haul flight.

15. Travel hack for a capsule wardrobe

If you can, pack in one of your compression cubes. I pack one shirt or sweater, one pair of undies and 2 pairs of socks. The cube compresses the air to make it like a book that you pack in the bottom of your backpack JUST in case the airline loses your suitcase. I tested 3 brands 5 years ago and this brand’s cubes are the best. Comes in a set of 6!

Here is what you will do: pack it in your personal item bag and during the flight, use it as a pillow on the tray table.

16. Pack a Crossbody Bag

You want it to fit under your coat or over if the . But the helpful tip is to quickly get to your card and hide the bag again. Practice it. This thin travel wallet is easy for large fingers if that would help you.

Be sure to grab my Europe Travel Essentials before you go up up and away!

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