It is almost time for your flight, but when you arrive at airport security, they pull you out of line because you wore the wrong thing to the airport. Can you wear this through airport security? I will teach you how to get through airport security without being pulled out for extra screening. Because you’ve got a flight to catch!

Tip 1: Pack these items; do not wear them as your travel outfit.

When in doubt whether part of your airport style will need extra screening in the airport security line, do not wear it. Instead, pack these questionable travel items in your carry-on bag.

Tip 2: Wear a basic wardrobe in the TSA Line as your cute airport outfit with no unnecessary accessories.

The Transportation security administration screens your outfit and carry-on bags in the airports for harmful objects. They are there to keep airline passengers and crew and airport staff safe.

Your travel outfit is being screened as you walk through the TSA line. I have learned what not to wear in airport security and tip number 1 is:

Tip 3: Do not wear metal, sequins or glitter on your travel outfit through airport security.

Even metallic thread in your blouse or in your shoe laces can delay you by having to be wanded or pulled out of line for extra screening.

Sequins on your shirt like I wore on Christmas Day 4 years ago will also get you pulled out of line.

Tip 4: Do not put anything in your pockets.

The Transportation Officers need tissues out of your pockets so that screening is quicker and more reliable. The less amount of things that cause extra screening means more passengers can walk through. And those lines are already long enough.

Tip 5: Belts also cannot be worn through the TSA line.

Before I leave the house, I put my belt in a pocket of my personal item bag. After getting radiation I then buckle up.

Tip 6: Do not wear bracelets.

Again, I leave them in a suitcase pocket until I am through the security line. Then I adorn my wrists.

Pull on boots are fine, but take it from me; you have nothing to lean on when trying to pulll those boots back on. And you are on camera.


Passengers from my instagram account said they are worried about getting fussed at.

Tip 7: Wearing the wrong thing can delay you.

My tip is you will not get kicked out of the airport if they have to screen something you are wearing again. Pulling you out of line for an officer to wand your outfit just adds time.

And time is valuable when you have to be in the boarding area ready to walk into the airplane 25-45 minutes before departure.

I still get flustered and feel pressure while going through airport security. You can see more details about what not to wear just in the TSA line in my video above.

If you get pulled out of line, here are

4 tips to help you remain calm if you have to get more screening:

1. Be respectful, 2. Do your best ahead of time and do not let it ruin your vacation. You have already gotten to the airport 2 hours before boarding which is usually 30 mins before a flight departure time. 3. Do not let an employee’s rude attitude ruin your vacation before it starts.

Coffee grounds always require extra handling by the TSA officers. I even put my bag of coffee in the gray bin outside of my bags.

My most important tip for an outfit in airport security is to pack these items-do not wear them that day.

Tip 7: Bulky dresses could get you pulled out of line.

Flowy dresses have air pockets that the screening machine cannot see clearly.

Tip 8: Do not wear your hair in a huge bun.

Be prepared to get extra screening if you wear your thick hair in a bun. It is okay to wear it like that if you want to. But in airport security, it will require extra time for them to poke and prod your bun.

Tip 9: Do not wear a blazer dress.

One viewer had to take off her blazer dress because the officer said it was an outer garment. I do not know if that was true, but do not risk it. Pack it; do not wear it.

Tip 10: Do not wear a hoodie.

You can wear a hoodie, or a zip sweatshirt jacket. But you have to throw it in the bins; officers will not allow you to wear it through the machine.

Tip 11: Do not take a bag with no zippered top.

You can lose a travel essential, and you could lose a valuable item for your trip. Be less stressed by having everything zipped. Then sling that bag around however much you want.

Tip 12: Do not wear a shawl or poncho in airport security.

It has to be taken off. But it is the airplane that puts this no-no on the list. The part of the poncho gets caught on the back of the seats. If you wear a backpack, that messes up your travel outfit look. If/when you get hot, you cannot tie it around your waist.


Travel Update for Airport Security

You may have noticed this past year that you hardly ever have to take out your liquid toiletries that you have organized in your bags. With new screening machines in MOST airports, you do not have to take them out. We may not even have to have them in a quart-sized bag that zips anymore. But the TSA has not directly state that. So we will be ready and listen to see if the update is at our airport.

One tip for a personal item bag going through airport security

is to place your personal item bag on the conveyor belt first. Then place your suitcase on it. However in the video many viewers are worried about their valuables. So their tip is to put your personal item bag on the airport security screening belt last and to keep your eyes on it.

One tip about protecting your valuables in the TSA line:

Pack your wallet and passport deep inside your personal item bag in a zippered pocket so they are less likely to be stolen by TSA officers like the ones in Miami’s airport. My tip: designate that pocket before you even leave your house so that it is easily accessible. That way you will not be stressed or flustered and forget those travel essentials or lose them.

And another item to not wear in airport security:

Do not wear a wired bra. Most viewers on my YouTube channel said that they have to get wanded if they wear that to the airport. But some passengers said they have never been stopped. I hope these tips have helped you realize that it will not ruin your trip.

You can always ask for a private pat down at any airport. If you have mobility issues or a visible or invisible disability, watch this interview with some officers who explain TSA Cares.

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