For international travel we usually pack for 10 days or a 2 week trip in only a carry-on for 3 reasons:

  1. So we do not risk losing luggage and
  2. So we do not have to wait in baggage claim or
  3. To just save money b/c we are spending all of our money on this bucket list international vacation of a lifetime.

You will make a list of travel essentials you do NOT need for this international trip.

Some of you need to pack a converter because you want to use your curling iron or your hair dryer. But many of you will not need that for that foreign country.

Before you pack a carry-on bag for a trip to Europe or even Japan

One week before your flight to another country, research 3 items.

1. What is correct carry-on size for that airline? If you fly to Tokyo, Japan, you may have an American based airline with the normal carry-on size requirements because it does not connect through a foreign city.

If you fly on a foreign airline (partner airline), it may restrict your personal item bag. Search that partner airline’s rules for baggage.

2. Research that country’s rules for bringing medicine in luggage.

It may be easier to watch my video because I explain while I show you what is not needed. Tap on the pic to watch.

3. Check the weather

For our April 2024 river cruise from Zurich to Amsterdam, there was a 40% chance of rain every. single. day. But it only sprinkled once!!

AND the temps were going to be in the low 40s in the morning but could be in the upper 60s in the afternoon.

So I did not pack my blush water-resistant sneakers with arch support. Instead I packed an old pair exactly like them that I walked for 45 minutes in Boston in. They were water-repellent and supportive for walking all day in Europe.

You also do not need to pack more than 2 pairs of shoes.

I plan my airport outfit shoes strategically. I wore my old waterproof sneakers during the long international flight.

I packed a water-resistant neutral pair of sneakers and my boot sneakers (now back in stock) that blend with blue denim…usually pack those for Fall and Winter trips.

But boy am I glad I had them those first few days when it was 37 degrees for the morning excursions.

If you will sail on Avalon Waterways Expression in 2024, watch my review here (outfits in there too).

Do not pack a converter unless:

  1. You are packing a curling iron from the US.
  2. You are packing a hair dryer from the US.

My converter for my curling iron worked great in Europe this December.

Even with a CPAP machine in Europe, you only need adapters. This video explains if you need a converter or adapter.

My travel tip for International trips:

Pack more adapters because Europe hotels sometimes only have one outlet. Since we travel with so many electronics, you need more.

Mine has 3 outlets in one adapter. And comes in a 2 pack!

Dual Voltage Curling Iron

I recently bought and used my dual voltage curling iron for our river cruise and only needed to pack my adapter. Highly recommend it if you use one.


Do not pack an outfit for every day.

When packing for a 10 day trip, follow these travel tips:

  1. Pack versatile clothing.
  2. Rewear travel outfits.
  3. Invest in laundry service.
  4. Pack Tide sink packets to wash vacation outfits in your hotel tub or sink.
  5. Mix and match patterns with solids.
  6. Your shoes for international travel are neutral to be worn with multiple outfits.

Have a beautiful trip and grab your freebie before you go!


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The cashmere sweaters will always come back into stock in early July or November. They can be worn alone of as a layering piece.

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