Here is a travel update for 2024 to my American passengers traveling to Europe.

The European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) will be enforced so this video is for Americans wanting to visit the European Union Schengen area after January 1 of 2024.

Most countries in Europe will require this travel authorization. If you are flying to Europe next year, you will have 12 travel tips I think are important to know before your trip.

I am a pilot’s wife and I share tips on YouTube to help people “travel the globe without a worry in the world.”

Presently the United States has a Schengen agreement that basically means that once we are in Spain, for example, we do not need to show our passport to cross every border if we are on a bus or car or walking even.


To help with border management the rules for visiting Europe are changing.

In 2024 the rules state that you will be required to have the visa or permit, but

TRAVEL UPDATE TIP 1: you sign up for it after January 1. So you cannot do anything yet.

TIP 2:

This travel authorization is not a long-term stay visa. In this video you will hear me say travel authorization or permit instead of visa.

If you have a regular visa, you do not need this ETIAS visa. This is just a secure way to know oh, that lady named Laurie is in our country. They say it is a way to secure their borders.

Students who have a student visa do not need this ETIAS visa.

When Americans will be asked for authorization: ferry, bus, train, ship, airplane or in person at a checkpoint

GREAT NEWS: You do not have to print this travel authorization because the EU authorities can find it electronically.

TIP 3:

The ETIAS travel authourisation will cost $7 and change

To sign up and pay for a travel permit: You have to give almost all of your personal information away, your education and current work.

You have to make sure you have an email because that is how you receive acceptance and a reminder to reapply.

Just like the customs form we used to fill out in the airplane before landing in a foreign country, you have to state your intent – vacation is what I would enter.

Their site says that 90% or more people will receive acceptance almost immediately. If they need more clarification on your info or the skeletons in your closet, it could take up to 30 days.

BUT you cannot fill out the information until after January 1.

I am looking at it like the realID that has been pushed back over and over again.

This ETIAS system has also been pushed back.

TIP 4:

This permit is good for 3 years, but your ETIAS travel authorization cannot expire within 3 months of you visiting.

TIP 5:

Here is an important tip: because they want to know your travel plans, you have to know the first place you will be visiting. The good news is that when you have your travel authorization, you can change your plans to wherever your trip will take you without updating the permit.

You will receive email confirmation. By the way, the system allows you to finish later and save what you have already done.

TIP 6:

****If you change your name during those 3 years on your passport, then you need to fill out a form for a new visa.


TIP 7:

If you lose your passport, you have to apply for a new permit.

Here is what ETIAS says to do if you lose your passport:

Contact the local police, contact the US consulate, Hopefully they can give you a travel document that can be used instead of your passport or a replacement passport so that you can then get a new visa…if you need it during that trip.

My Travel Tip for Any International Trip:

Take a pic of the bar code inside the back cover of your passport before your trip. This barcode will help expedite a replacement. Here are some tips to help with jet lag if you are flying on a long-haul flight.

TIP 8:

I love the ugly money belt for securing passports. The fabric is soft against your skin.

TIP 9:

Great news: if you are flying through Paris or any of the 30 countries for example – connecting inside the airport to another flight – you do not need this permit.

TIP 10:

Anyone under 18 or over 70 are exempt from paying the $7 for a permit. A travel agent or family member can apply for your permit on your behalf, but you both have to sign a declaration of representation.

TIP 11:

There is only one official site for obtaining travel authorization. Do not use another website.


TIP 12:

If you have questions, their website will explain the new rules to travel Europe.

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