When your flight is delayed this summer, do these travel tips to help!

Before a Flight:

Here are 4 tips to do at home just in case your flight is delayed or canceled:

1. Pack snacks.

We missed the snack service on 2 flights because it was too turbulent, and then our flight was delayed so we did not have time for a meal.

2. Check your flight departure time the morning of your flight – especially if you have the app downloaded. Check flight status on your app or on the airline’s website.

3. Pack a shirt and 2 pairs of undies in compression cube.

4. Download Netflix shows b/c many airports are not having 5G towers near them anymore, and I cannot watch hardly anything on Instagram or YouTube.

A great benefit for passengers this summer is that the major airlines are still allowing you to change your flight to another day for free.


Another tip:

Do not make your bucket list excursions for that first night or day just in case you do not arrive until 7 pm like we did.

Wear layers around your waist – this is why I do not wear vests. You could be freezing in the airport and sweating warm in the airplane or vice versa.

My mom finished her kindle book, and she did not have one downloaded when we were double delayed the last day.

Have the rental car number and hotel number in your Notes section of your phone.

Research that airport for Minute Suites or private areas where you can rent? If you bought from a third party and did not pay for the “in case flight is canceled fee” the airline is not responsible for rebooking you. If flying overseas or in a ship in the sea, I would purchase travel insurance. You do the research on that.


With delayed flights and large crowds of passengers in airports, the food lines and coffee lines are really long. So you will most likely not have time between flights to grab a meal.

Tip: airlines board 20-45 minutes before the flight takes off. So you need to be ready to get in the airplane long before it departs.


Pack a portable charger for your phone for 3 reasons:

1. With MANY flights delayed near each gate where the airplane parks and you need to charge your phone with an outlet, there are only a few.

2. If your outlet under your airplane seat does not work like the back half of our airplane didn’t during our last flight last week, you need a charger for your phone.

3. if there is only one usb outlet in the rental car like the brand new RAV 4 we rented last week, you will need a portable power bank.

There are some other tips to do before you arrive at the airport. Grab your list below and thank you for stopping by!

4 Things to do Before You Get in the Airport
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