Use your sunglasses on the tray table to hold your phone:

When you travel, this first hack for the airplane is to prop your phone on your sunglasses so you do not have to hold it the entire flight. After you have download your airline app while you were still hooked to wifi on the ground, you can now watch the onboard entertainment through the app. Pull out your old pair of sunglasses and place them upside down on the airplane’s tray table once you have taken off. Your phone should remain tilted at just the right angle for your viewing pleasure.

BONUS TIP: If your cell phone case is rubberized, wrap the airline’s magazine back a few pages and lay that on the tray table. Your phone can rest at an agle against the spine of the magazine.

Do you read the airline’s magazine? I love to!

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Foot Prop:

If your legs or feet swell mid-flight, a swing helps tremendously. Here is the travel hack: pack an inflatable beach ball BUT do not do these 2 things:

Do not inflate it until the airplane has taken off because the flight attendants may not want you blocking the aisle in case of emergency.

Also do not inflate it all the way because you do not need to do that.

I have also pulled out my backpack and propped my feet on that somewhat. You just need your legs to be bent a little bit to ensure circulation.

My mom’s foot doctor told her to make the alphabet in lower case with each foot (trust me when I say you will be super sore if you do capital letters) every hour or so during a long-haul flight.

I now love and only recommend Dr. Scholls brand compression socks when I wear black jeans. Do not skimp on compression socks!


This hack is from my YouTube channel viewer with 2 bonus uses for it:

For short airplane passengers who cannot reach the overhead light, pack a neck lamp reading light.

More passengers use it while knitting on the airplane.

I used it on a road trip inside the hotel room because the “reading” lamps are super bright sometimes.


If you have the time, I have 38 travel hacks for you to watch. It’s easier to show how the hack works for travel in video form than with the written word.

I also have a freebie for your next hotel stay just below.

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