We had a 40% chance of rain every day during our European vacation, and these are the essentials I am glad I packed!

Travel Essentials for a Rainy Vacation:

1. Mini Travel-Sized Umbrella

My favorite most trusted brand is the Totes travel-size umbrella for 2 reasons:

  1. It fits in my travel crossbody bag.
  2. It is strong but small enough to even fit into my coat pocket.

Travel Tip: I do not pack its case. Leave it at home.


2. For a rainy winter vacation, I packed gloves that were water-repellent.

Travel Tip: your glove will get wet if it’s holding an umbrella.

If you need gloves that can type easily on a phone, I highly recommend these. I packed them for a Fall trip in case the weather was super cold.

Here in Houston, though, temperatures were still in the 90s so packing for 2 climates was tricky. But I could do it in only one carry-on!

3. Pack a waterproof jacket.

This , and it can be slung over my shoulders if I get warm in the metro or while touring all day. This has been to Alberta, Canada but I COMPLETELY forgot to take it to the airport for Belgium this winter…where rain was in the forecast every single day!

Travel Tip: do not forget your coat if you take the other car to the airport!


4. Waterproof Boots / Waterproof Shoes

Comfort is the most important feature in shoes! .

Even though the site does not state that it is, these comfortable shoes were waterproof after walking through Boston in POURING rain for 45 minutes. I have had them for at least 4 years and could long even on cobblestone roads.

If you need , these are my absolute favorite with arch support, but you may want to visit DSW and try on all the different hiking shoes. My foot does not like the super popular brands for hiking.

But if you prefer a slip-on sneaker shoe, this one is going fast and is .

I bought this slip-on shoe and it was exactly like an older version in blue. It is waterproof and I can vouch that it is comfortable. These are my favortie .

But if you need completely no-show socks, these do not slip down either.


Do not let the chance of rain or pouring rain derail your vacation. Research indoor excursions before you go and make the most of it.

5. Crossbody Bag

Because of my rainy vacation, I fit essentials in my new crossbody bag for Europe with slash-resistant straps for any vacation.

Read what all I packed in one crossbody bag!

And grab your freebie too.

5 Things I Always Pack in my 
Carry-On Bag
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