Today You will see all of my best travel bags for airline travel. These are my favorite bags because of 3 must-have features for airline travel: durable, functional and practical

TIP: It will be easier to watch the video so you can see the best carry-on suitcases, tote bags, backpacks and crossbody bags…including a slash-resistant RFID crossbody for anti-theft travel.

Some of the links are affiliate links, meaning that at no additional cost to you, I will receive a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Carry-On Suitcases:

These suitcases are durable for cobblestone roads! If I was flying internationally, I would pack either of these carry-on bags because they have double wheels.

The handle is sturdy so it does not wobble.

I can pack all the way to the corners. In-between wheels is extra space for packing.

The pockets give me organization. Love the pockets for organizing things I want easily accessible like shorts to change into when I land or pajamas if I arrive late to my destination.

For personal item bags, most of you pack in backpacks or in a tote bag.

For air travel, backpacks are what I reach for the most.

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The difference between the pink suitcase and my blue Level8 is the outer pocket which I do love.

Both have embedded wheels with a middle prong for extra strength making them durable!

Here are the links to this 20″ carry-on and version .


Either of those in Savannah, Georgia or Munich, Germany! Notice it does not have an outer pocket, and therefore you have more room for packing travel essentials.

Personal Item Bags:

, a removable usb, lightweight, and light interior for dark airplanes

and a bar along the top edge, and same 15.6 version for a laptop

These both slide onto my shoulders easily. Packing tip: put an extra shirt and some undies in a compression packing cube in case your suitcase gets lost.


Under Airplane Seat Suitcase that Rolls: holds a lot; has removable toiletry bag, easy access to outer pockets for TSA and in airplane or airport if you cannot wear a crossbody bag

Its dimensions are 13.39 ” x 9.45″ 14.17″ and fit in this .

Travel Tip: google your airline’s under airplane seat personal item bag requirements because they can be very different!

under airplane seat fits rolling suitcase

Crossbody bags:

1 that can be worn across the body but bulky. It has gloriously smooth fabric and zippers

This belt bag is great for the beach because , it allows you to be hands free, and it has mega space for travel essentials!

Black crossbody with removable straps: 3 pockets and large, outer pocket for phone but only one has the removable strap so do not miss it. This crossbody bag is larger than my next two.

Small brown or small black crossbody bags have 5 pockets:

For air travel you can add your own straps; available in red if flying to Canada or England; inexpensive so I am not worried about it touching the airplane floor or breaking, but I have had these for 4 years with no quality problems. I use the green and red strap for Christmas travel. Both crossbody bags have 5 pockets for travel essentials.

Now it is time to pack: grab my Ultimate Packing List down below then follow along for tips and tricks with this video.

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