Today I am teaching you organization tips to pack toiletries. We will help organize your packing list of toiletries while showing you some travel hacks!

The number one travel tip for packing toiletries:

is to divide them up among your carry-on bags. Separate the essentials before you pack them into:

pouches, baggies, hanging toiletry kit or dopp kit?

Number 2 way is to organize our toiletries into:

categories by topic.


This picture helps us fit our toiletries that are necessary for a trip into a category. It is just a picture for mental organization.

Now we can pack based on this list of topics: health essentials for a trip, hair, makeup, and skincare.


We also need to pack the tools for those toiletries. In a previous packing list I added a category just for my liquids, and maybe that organization tip would help you categorize them.

Health essentials to pack for a trip are vitamins, prescription medicines, eye drops, feminine items, maybe bug spray, and toothpaste. Let us know of others.

One other item we need in order to pack vitamins in is maybe a pill organizer so I write that down. One of my subscribers packs her earrings in a pill organizer. When packing, think of the containers in a different way.

In my 20 years of flying with a carry-on as a pilot wife, smaller is easier to pack.

I would also pack my eyeglass cleaner…or maybe list that under tools.

If you have questions about medicine for air travel, you can go to and click on Medical Issues for other travel tips.

For hair, organize what you do to your hair in the morning, evening and in the shower while on vacation. Write out those travel essentials. Hair ties, clips, shampoo, a hair dryer, curling iron, and maybe the travel case for it would go under tools. Would you put hair dryer under tools?

Here are 4 travel hacks:

1. If you need a lot of hair ties or scarves, a travel hack is to pack them in a technology cord organizer.

2. A travel hack for bobby pins is to pack them in an old tic tac container or slide them over a hair tie.

3. An old travel hack for disposable razors is to use a bulldog clip over the blade part and fold down the handles.

4. One travel hack for packing a curling iron is to pack it in a pot holder or a 100% cotton sock. One tip that may help you is that you do not need to put your curling iron or wand in the gray bin for the TSA. It can stay in your carry-on bags or checked luggage.

So far we have organized our toiletries into topics, and the next way is to list them out by Time of Day. You make a packing list based on categories that are easiest for you: topic or time of day you will use them.

If you are changing hotels every day, this packing method is so helpful! For travel I want you to think differently if it helps you pack in a carry-on suitcase more easily.

You could pack your morning routine items in one pouch and your evening essentials in a separate case to help you remember what is in each bag.

One pouch could say AM and one PM.

I packed in this hanging kit by time of day. In the mesh part I have deodorant, face wipes, toothbrush and comb b/c I need those in the am and at night.

Travel Tip:

remember that you do not have to roll up or fold over a travel case; if it saves space in your carry-on bags, open it and pack it flat or stand it up if that helps.

One pouch can be packed for the airplane to touch up your makeup. Tip for international travel: For all-night flights, you may want to wash your face with a face wipe before landing.

Since makeup is so personal, I will link my packing makeup video. Some of you ask about the pressed rouge or foundation in a compact. Yes that is spreadable but it is not a liquid. Vaseline would be a liquid. Technically mascara and lip gloss are liquids but I do not pack them in my TSA bag anymore.

A travel hack for packing skincare is to ask your consultant for sample sizes of that product for your trip.


Skincare Toiletries

Here are some travel tips about skincare toiletries. Packing in a carry-on means that your moisturizer or any creams must be in containers that are 3.4 oz or smaller, and all of the containers must fit in a clear-ish quart sized bag that zips.

Pack your skincare for travel with 3 things in mind: is it essential for a 5 day trip, or can you leave it at home?

What products do you need to pack for the morning routine vs evening skincare?

Travel Tip: do not pack a brand new skincare item that you have never used because you do not want to have an allergic reaction in a foreign city or away from home.

When making a packing list, I want you to list all of your tools:

Examples of toiletry TOOLS would be: Brush, comb, CPAP machine, makeup brush travel case, or your charger for your electric toothbrush.

A travel hack for a beauty blender is to pack it in a plastic easter egg with tiny holes at the end so it can get air. Write that on your tools list.

If you want to learn 38 travel hacks, get ready because it is a long video of tips and tricks.

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