When packing shoes for Europe we want supportive shoes for uneven pavement. These also have to be comfortable for touring all day with maybe walking on cobblestone roads in some parts of Europe. These shoes are comfortable. These boots are waterproof and comfortable.

Pack one pair of waterproof shoes in Europe.

If the .

This . I returned it and regretted it. It runs a tad big for thin compression socks, but I added a cheap insole. Here are 3 reasons why I kept this boot:

1. it is so comfortable for walking all day 2. it is hig qulaity with smooth zippers and 3. it can pass as a restaurant shoe.


Another comfortable shoe for Europe

that is first of all comfortable is this . and neutral for travel outfits is this tan low heel boot. For any shoe, you want to pack one with rugged sole for uneven pavement especially.

The heel is maybe a half inch, and I am picky about walking all day. Inbetween seasonal travel can be unpredictable for packing shoes for Europe or in the Fall so


packing at least one pair of water-resistant shoes is helpful. Bonus if one pair can pass for restaurant attire while only packing in a carry-on suitcase! And you know I can help you pack it all in one bag too.


Pack a comfortable sneaker for walking all day.

I bought the updated version of this 4-year old , and it is an exact match except it is a brighter blue color. This shoe is also available now in the original smokey blue color!

It is listed on site as a sneaker. So because it is the same color as my blue jeans.

These particular shoes have endured 45 minutes of pouring rain in Boston so I am keeping them. But because I love the real deal, I bought the to see if it was really the same for you. It is worth every penny! It’s the exact same.


Another oldie but goodie comfortable shoe for travel is this sneaker.

Pro tip: I only like the green one and the black one in this style. For some reason the other colors do not fit the same. This shoe hugs your traveling feet with support while padding each step in comfort. Wow, that sounds like a commercial!

I have

The green version of this too. The laces are the only part that are not water-resistant though.

I have several more shoes that are so comfortable in my video if you want the support for walking alot on your vacation.


Now that you have the shoes that are supportive, use these carry-on only packing travel hacks for your shoes and outfits.

Now let’s get your electronic cables and cords packed efficiently. Grab my list below.

Electronic Cord Tips
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