To be prepared for unpredictable weather, I’ll introduce you to the

Three best waterproof boots for winter travelers.

These boots will help your feet stay warm, dry, and comfortable while you explore winter wonderlands around the globe. Whether you’re wandering through snowy city streets, hiking wet trails, or simply enjoying the pristine serenity of a winter retreat, these boots have got you covered.

Ecco Waterproof Boot:

This with room for socks or a pad. There is a . It is easy to get your foot into this waterproof boot.

Tip: wear black trousers with these black boots for a restaurant and get away with it!


Those boots were in my list of The Best Shoes for Europe because they were comfortable and waterproof. Here is another great pair.

Ecco Short Boot:

These are back in stock after 4 years. I know these because they lasted through 45 minutes of POURING rain in Boston, Massachusetts. They have a !

I have worn them to multiple soccer games with blue denim.

On vacation I can wear them all day long. They lengthen your leg if you also wear blue denim with your travel outfits.


Merrell Hiking Waterproof Boot:

They are the best for and absolute comfort. You get a good grip with each step while being very comfortable.

Their hiking shoes, even though they lace up, are really easy for me to insert my foot into. Not all are waterproof fyi. 


Blondo Waterproof Boot:

They are sometimes not comfortable, but if you need a pretty , these are amazing!

This version is the second one and than 2 years ago. The heel is quite light even though it looks bulky.

I packed these waterprood boots during our Fall trip in Telluride, CO. We walked late afternoon in Telluride, then to dinner and home, and they were comfortable! And we had to walk a ways to get to dinner.


My travel tips for waterproof shoes are if you do not love them, do not invest in them. They must fit comfort and function.

Here are 24 winter travel essentials for carry-on bags in my latest YouTube video (20 are mine and 4 are from a brand) if you want a list.

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