When I wear clothing on vacation, I want a comfortable yet casual chic style. These shirts are the best because they can be worn by themself or under other vacation outfits.

These shirts are the best for travel outfits.

On their own these shirts do not cling. They drape a woman’s body beautifully. No matter what your insecure body parts are, this drapes them.

They sit right on your waist line. They puddle like a great set of drapes. I wear the short sleeved shirt the most often.

These shirts are versatile for your travel outfits.

My travel outfit tips are to pack a blue or black shirt. Now choose 2 bottom pieces you can wear them both with. Now you have more outfits. Wearing versatile outfits is number one from the key to only packing in a carry-on. As a pilot’s wife we only pack in carry-on bags.

They also do not get super wrinkled. And they iron very easily!


I pack these shirts for layering a travel outfit.

Because they drape correctly, I am comfortable wearing them. The shirts are thin enough to be worn under a thin sweater. But as soon as I get hot in the train, they can be worn on their own. I have a list of layering tips for travel outfits if you need ideas.

I own 6 of these shirts but cannot find a picture of the . But it also comes in .


They are very easy to tuck in halfway for a dressy look.

Add pearls to the any of these travel shirts, and I am ready for a restaurant. Or add patterned shorts with a sleeveless t-shirt and eat at a fancy restaurant for lunch with the girls.

Travel Tip: Pack monochromatic color schemes.

Monochromatic is the easiest way to be restaurant-ready on vacation without packing more outfits. If I wear my darker shade of blue denim, the deep blue shirt will instantly look dressier.

But not this shirt:

I did not like a lime green one so they are not all made the same. Unless they are having a sale, stick to these styles I have shown.


Trust me when I say that these are the best shirts for vacation outfits! And trust me when I tell you to not wash and dry them in a machine. It loosens the shirt way too much.

Now you need some comfortable shoes to walk in Europe all day with so do not miss the best ones I have found.

And grab your Europe Essentials list before you read more travel tips.

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