Heading to Telluride, CO for a fabulous 3-day Fall adventure? Whether you’re exploring the picturesque trails, strolling through downtown, or gliding inside the free Gondola, I’ve got you covered with these must-have travel essentials!

Telluride Temperatures in October

Layer Up for the Chilly Weather where you could have low temperatures in the upper 30s while the highs could reach the upper 50s while you walk around Telluride. Don’t let the crisp temperatures catch you off guard! Pack cozy sweaters that can be layered during the colder temperatures.

Here is what I wore in Telluride this Fall:

I packed this thin, striped sweater because it could be worn with jeans but also could be layered underneath for an evening stroll in Mountain Village at my new favorite restaurant.

The two base layers for October travel outfits in Telluride

were a short-sleeved athletic after being in a carry-on bag for a flight. Throughout our 3-day trip in Telluride I wore it with joggers, my white shorts and with jeans. The second base layer for temps that got down into the 30s was my Chilly Peppers thermal. If you travel to Colorado in the Fall or Winter, this is a travel essential.

Hack: This convenient company can ship or deliver cold weather gear in Colorado, like gloves, thermal socks, fleece, etc. She had everything ready for us when we dropped by after landing Denver with only a carry-on bag last Januray. I surely did not need to buy all of that gear since we live in Houston, Texas.

Because the restaurant had fantastic outdoor heaters I took it off and was warm enough in my striped sweater. I also packed a long sleeve ribbed shirt that I could wear on the back deck overlooking Telluride during the late afternoon as it was getting chillly. I started my day on Colorado Avenue in the upper 30 degree temps so I threw on a scarf because for me as a Houston girl any temps in the 50s sounds cold so I wanted to be prepared. This scarf fringe does not tangle whatsoever and is a only for versatile travel outfits.

I also packed this thin sweatshirt that could be worn inside the airplane as well as by itself for a casual vacation outfit. I like the oversized look and dropped shoulder.

Travel Tip:

Do not wear light colors in the airplane because of stains, scuffs and turbulence while sipping coffee. For a restaurant travel outfit I packed this sweater. It has been a top seller this past month. The collar and shirttail are faux. The fabric is a soft (NOT itchy) cashmere / wool blend. Light on the wool. And it matched my waterproof rugged sole boots.

Where to Fly Into for Telluride

The closest airport is Montrose, CO, about an hour’s drive into Telluride. As a pilot’s wife we have to pack in carry-on bags only in case we do not get on a flight flying standby. I changed into shorts in the airport because in the afternoon, it’s quite pleasant in the Fall!

Travel Tip:

Pack your shorts in the bottom of your personal item bag for easy access upon landing.

Pack Shoes With a Rugged Sole:

Pack shoes with a rugged sole because you will be walking on uneven pavement. Bonus if they are . These booties were packed for 2 reasons: 1. chance of rain and 2. to wear into a restaurant at night and feel appropriate. Merrell is a fantastic , but be sure you find the one that is water-resistant or waterproof if there is a chance of rain. My old ones are neither. If you have room (unlike me), pack a for the middle of the afternoon.

Comfortable Walking Shoes:

With all the walking you’ll be doing, it’s vital to invest in comfortable and supportive footwear. Opt for walking shoes that suit your personal style and provide all-day comfort. I need like the ones from my Europe shoe list but did not want to pack my huge Brooks tennis shoes. I packed a more with and leggings and and shorts that I have in 8 colors!


Essentials for Things to Do in Telluride:

Don’t leave your hotel without a trusty daypack filled with essential items: either a crossbody bag or a small, lightweight backpack. Pack a

1. water bottle to stay hydrated

2. sunscreen to protect your skin

3. polarized sunglasses because that Colorado sun is intense so my baby blues need added protection

4. and a map or trail site to navigate even the easiest hikes in the area.

Snacks to Keep You Energized:

For those long hikes and walks, be sure to pack some energy-boosting snacks like granola bars, trail mix, or even a piece of fruit. Keeping your energy levels up will ensure you have the stamina to explore all day long.


What I Forgot to Pack

You would think that I would not forget any travel essentials since we fly so much as a pilot’s wife YouTuber. But for this trip to Colorado, I forgot to pack my

1. comb (super static dry weather duh) and

2. my Vaseline.

I store a tiny plastic container of Vaseline to pack for each trip. I have not emptied it in 5 years – don’t judge.

Vaseline is a travel essential for any Fall trip to Colorado

for two reasons:

1. to wipe just the inside of my nose in dry climates

2. to apply to a rash if wearing a wet bathing suit too long on a beautiful beach


When you plan an Autumn trip to Telluride,

one of the coolest thing to do is to ride the Mountain Village Gondola up to Mountain Village from and to Telluride.

Mountain Village is higher than Telluride! Here is a guide to help you know what all is allowed for this Gondola, with hours of operation in the Fall so check that out before you visit!

Mountain Village has such cool restaurants with a European ski vibe! It is a must-see if you are right down the “hill” in Telluride.

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