Two Advent Games for Your Teenagers


This Christmas pun game is a free printable from Teachers Pay Teachers.  This is for your personal use. IHaveWhoHasChristmasPunsGame

There is also this Would You Rather game that sounds fun. ChristmasWouldYouRatherQuestions 

Please refer to my YouTube video for the entire advent calendar ideas for teens.  We are an airline family so I have tons of travel tip videos.

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Five Gifts for Guys

Here are five Christmas gifts for men.  I never know what to get my guy for Christmas.  These are some he’s already opened and some he will get this Christmas.  When I say guys, I mean men.  It still seems old to call them men.  My 13 year old is almost a man!  Aaaah!

The #5 Gift for Guys is performance shorts that are really casual.  Here are 3 brands my guy has:

This men’s performance flex short has a zip front, flat front performance short for men that is 96% polyester, 4% spandex.  These men’s shorts have two pockets in the back, but one pocket is a zipper pocket.  Then there’s a tech pocket on the right leg that zips as well.  Pockets are breathable mesh, and these Performance Shorts feel like they’re lined with a workout short fabric.  They can look dressed up or they can look like men’s athletic performance shorts.  There are belt loops.  The fabric is so soft, slicky but thick, lightweight material for men’s performance. He can style flexibility based on his day’s activities.

Cargo dress shorts that are actually casual shorts – slicky material that would repel water, but that is not why this guy likes these Gerry Shorts.  Stretch fabrication. These look like cargo shorts, but the fabric is performance style for a rugged lifestyle or for dressing up your guy.  Two zip pockets on the legs and both back pockets are zip closure.  Nice a long for a cargo look.  They have belt loops.  My husband thinks they’re heavy, weighted feeling.  But these are my favorite on him.  They’re not huge, bulky cargo shorts. The flaps are not bulky.  I think they’re a slimming long short that guys like.

BirdDogs Shorts – gym shorts you could wear on a date in New England.  They are expensive though.  #1 reason these shorts are on the list is: They look nice but are slicky lined with boxers.  Don’t restrict movement, boxers don’t get out of place, 4 pockets,

There is no fly or button, but it looks like there is a zipper.  These are very expensive, and my husband has the Extra Large Long, and they’re above his knee.  Great for men below 5’10”.

#4 Gift for Guys is this set of headrest hooks that are for the headrest.  My guy likes his car pretty clean.  They are not shaped like hooks; they don’t protrude down.  These are super sturdy plastic holders for reusable grocery bags, trash bags, and my very own purse.  These hooks help you get organized in your car.  These headrest hooks get the clutter off the back seat.  Gives passengers more leg room by getting back seat clutter off the floor board.

The above video shows how my top five list really work.  There is this thick rubber in the C shape that helps you slide it off with easy elbow grease but keeps the hook on the headrest securely.

A set of two is great because I really just need one from the driver’s perspective.  I would put the other one behind my driver’s head rest so that the passenger could reach behind me to hang the trash bag.

Easily accessible for back seat passengers as well as front seat passenger and driver.

Holds up to 18 pounds but they only recommend 10 pounds.

#3 Gift for Men: Bedside caddy show pic of how many books it really could hold

If your man likes to read a little before bed, this bedside caddy is perfect!  Books or magazines before bedtime, pens, and a notepad can all be kept in this bedside caddy.  The super strong velcro straps hold the caddy with additional weight in its pockets.  It comes in colors, but gray is the one I got. This particular one seems to have too big of a pocket for our needs, but look how much room there really is in this pocket!

#2 Gift for Men:  This is a car seat gap filler.  It blocks all change or coins that fall in-between your console and seat.  Since this cushion is stuffed in-between the seat and console, there is no space for even just one coin to drop in-between there.  I lost my phone down in that gap, and this catch-all would’ve stopped the phone.  There’s a slot that fits around the seat belt base. You squeeze this long piece in-between your middle console and seat cushion  and the front just pushes down further.  I’m comparing these two for $9 to the original Drop Stop for $19.99.  They say if it’s a knock off it’s not the best.  I can attest that there is absolutely no gap.  Comes in cream, brown and black.

#1 Gift for Guys is a periodic table shirt.  We’e been fans of these for years!  They use the letters from minerals and metals? from the periodic table to spell words.  They have Ge N I U S for genius.  There’s Ba C O N for bacon.  Super cute!

Check out my 5 Gifts Under $15 for the Person Who Has Everything video for other Christmas present ideas.

5 gifts for a car guy, husband, college student, teenager

These are gifts for men that my husband has used and reviewed.   None of these items for guys  is sponsored; we bought them all with our money.  I’m sharing five gifts for the man in your life-your hubby, dad, boys…

The video above shows you how they all work and look.

5) This gift is for guys who like to look good while living an active lifestyle…or whose wives want them to look good while living. 

My husband appreciates these mens’ performance shorts because of the fabric.  Me personally, I like the way the shorts hang and the thin material.

Three different brands for three different reasons.  My guy only has one of the expensive one, but it’s his favorite.  This short has boxers already in them so your husband doesn’t have to wear boxers!  Caution though because he’s wearing the XL Long, and they come to the top of his knee.  He’s 5’10”.

These shorts look like cargo shorts, but the material is a dry fit kind of fabrication.  Made for an active lifestyle, they move and groove but can be worn with a nice collared shirt.

These shorts are super thin and smooth.  He likes them because they’re not gym shorts, but they feel smooth like them.  And again this type of performance shorts hangs right and can be worn on a date.

5 Gifts to Get the Person Who Has Everything

I’m sharing five gifts for that person who has everything.  Shopping early for Christmas? Know someone who appreciates quirky or odd gifts?  POP into my YouTube Channel video above to see them in action.

I bought all of these on Amazon Prime because duh 2 day free shipping.  I haven’t tried Amazon Video or Amazon Music yet; anybody tried them?

My favorite gift is the toilet bowl night light.  As soon as it’s dark in the bathroom, eight colors rotate to light your guest’s way to the toilet.  So fun!  No need to change the bulb colors; it’s all done in a gadget that fits in your hand and over the edge of your toilet bowl.


The fidget spinner is no longer cool and trendy for this Christmas.  Get your preteens and students a fidget cube.  Shaped like a dice and fits in your pocket, this will be a fun present for 2017.


Flaming straws that fit in any cup and lid make you feel beachy and girly!  Plus the 3D flamingo is near where the straw bends making her look so cheery and pretty.  If you are flamingling for a girls night in, POP these cuties out.

Before ladies arrive, you can clean your microwave with this steam vinegar cleaner.  It steams after two minutes in, and loosens all the grime and stuck on food.  The smell is ripe though!


After having RTIC/Yeti mugs for a year and a half, I finally found a 100% spill proof lid.  You can see my proof experiment in the video above.  I gave one to my flight attendant friend, and hers has spilled twice and not leaked yet.  We now have four at my house.  And they’re much easier to clean than the slide closure ones.  Be careful you’re getting one for the cup size you have-30 ounce or 20 ounce.

Merry Christmas in August and happy shopping!

Let me know if you find another odd or quirky gift.

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5 Christmas Gift Ideas – Part 1

My YouTube video above goes into much more detail with visuals.  Please check it out.

Part 1

Here are the first two Christmas gift ideas for others…or maybe yourself.  Part 2 is coming next week.

Get some early decorations at Five Below-basically a $1 store but everything is under $5.


We will experience a strong shopping season this year, according to and many of you will help with that.  Do you do most of your shopping from home, or do you enjoy the hustle and bustley Christmas spirit?

Hello Fresh is great as a gift certificate.  I’d give it to someone who just landed a new job.  I’d give it to someone who just moved.  For someone who had a baby and now has time to cook-just not shop or plan meals.  And I recommend it for you; for when you’re in a cooking funk.


However, this is a subscription.  If you’re giving this as a gift, they will need to cancel it the week they get the ingredients because this is a subscription gift.

Each meal’s ingredients come in a box.  Meat will be protected and at the very bottom of the large box.  One of my meals was Pork and Apple Meatloaf with Mashed Potatoes and a Tangy Fall Salad.  The other was a Beef/Noodle Stir-Fry with Broccoli.


Look how large this shallot is!  I chose two meals in one week.  As I stated in my video, you are in charge of how often and how many meals arrive.  Then, they send you an email asking which two meals you want:  i.e. Classic, Vegan, Funky.  You can choose two from their list and pictures.

With two 10 lb ice packs on top of the meat as well as cushiony insulation, the fresh ingredients are delivered very cold!  I was worried they’d be frozen and have to order pizza at the last minute.


Prep time that is listed on their included menu card is accurate.  I was so thrilled and relieved with this subscription!  My pork/apple meatloaf; they sent me two packages of ground pork, but here is what I did with only one of the packages.  So, technically, I have enough meat for another mea.!

Do this for yourself and search google for Hello Fresh discount coupon.  I scored, just by googling, a $40 off Q.  It was originally $80.  With my $40- coupon, we got 2 meals for 4 people for $40!!!

Facial Peel

Do y’all remember the old facial masks that felt like cement when they were drying?  This Facial Peel by Mary Kay will totally rejuvenate your skin care routine.

First of all, it feels like you’re wearing thick lotion for 10 minutes.  Then, a quick wipe and rinse, and it’s off.  Off go the layers of germs, layers of dead cells, layers of hormone-estranged skin.  The remnants are youthful, smooth, moisturized, renewed-feeling skin.  It’s almost bouncy.

I tell ya, I love this stuff.  My consultant is in VA, and I’m in Texas.  She pumped some into a container so I could try it out because she knew I’d fall for it.  I’m so buying this!

I would recommend a Facial Peel for you; treat yourself this Christmas.  Your family doesn’t know what to buy the woman who has everything.  You just want to be with your family, right?  Be with them dressed in a new skin feel.  You’re going to love it!

Part 2

Coming next week, I’ll link the other three must buys on my list for Christmas.  If you are looking for some toys for 2016, I’ve inked a list you may want.

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