Ann Taylor Loft – End of Summer Looks

Today I am showing you outfit looks from Ann Taylor Loft for the end of summer.  Loft has many sale styles to fit every woman – petite, regular, tall and plus.  These tops and dresses from Loft are items you can wear now. But they will be classic wardrobe pieces to carry you into Fall.  As a woman over 40, I like to be stylish and cute but comfortable in the clothes I am wearing.  How I style my clothes from Ann Taylor Loft may be different from you.  I hope my looks will give you inspiration for your visit to Loft. These outfit looks are what I feel comfortable in.  When we feel comfortable, we look confident.  And I feel like I can relax and really be myself when I am confident in what I’m wearing. feel-comfortable-confident-relaxed-in-loft-clothes

The first piece of clothing from Ann Taylor Loft is like a navy teal gray color.  You have the Fall look while not sweating to death haha.


I wish I had gotten this; I’m keeping my eye on it.

100% polyester in the front  with the back being a knit blend that hangs nicely.  It doesn’t cling with the knit fabric.  The fit is true to size.  I love the buttons in the back-gold.  I can put my top on without having to unbutton it.  With another top and dress, I had to unbutton it before getting my head through the hole.

Exactly the same except for the front fabric.

Pink Shell:  Made differently.  The front is a polyester blend so it is different than the other shell.  Love that it is not see through.  It’s a warm blush color.  True to size fit.  Love the detailing about the neck and arm holes.  This top has the same buttons as the navy one.  All of Loft’s shell tops have a shirttail hem that helps tucking in your shirt easier for different body types.

See how it barely sits off the shoulder?
Notice the flutter sleeve?

Oh my word, this off the shoulder is beautiful.  It barely comes off the shoulder.  If you are over 40 and have been on the fence about an off the shoulder shirt, this short sleeve sweater from Loft is a great choice and fit!  You need to wear pants that are higher waisted because the top hits right at the waist.  But for a special night, this would be a treat!

Love this with a denim jacket. I like leaving the buttons undone at the wrists.

This white lace stripe halter swing dress is so dreamy.  Swiss dots line the neck and arm holes. 

I bought it in Tall Medium, and I love the fit.  Fully lined with just a bit of flow.  Love this! I do not feel like a 40 year old trying to look younger.  I feel airy and cool on a hot summer day at a picnic for about 5 minutes because we’re in Houston.


spring-floral-halter-topThis floral sprinkle halter swing dress is beautiful and airy too.  And the regular Medium was plenty long enough for me as 5’8”.  I just didn’t want it bad enough.  I did have to unbutton this dress to fit it over my head.


Gasped when I tried this on!

Ya know that feeling when you immediately gasp when you see a top you love?  This floral smock shell is my favorite purchase from Ann Taylor Loft this summer.  The fit is great.  If you have a tummy, this baby doll style will be flattering on you.  Love this color, and I think it will look great with jeans, navy and army green pants.  This is fully lined and would also be a great work outfit piece for your wardrobe. pink-shell-from-ann-taylor-loft

Loft has upped their quality in the last 2 years, and I’m loving how they have lined their tops and dresses.

LOVE this dress with coral and blush loafers.

Loved this dress, but I was worried I wouldn’t wear it enough.  I am keeping this sun dress because you can style it with a coral or blush cardigan. I wore it with my blush loafers.  Can you see the mint and blush? Again, because I live in the south I paired it with a jean jacket and boots. It’s long enough of a dress for me to feel comfortable in the summer and in Fall.

Great dress for Summer and Fall.

I really like Loft’s denim because they make a curvy skinny which works well with my body type.  I tried on 9 pairs at Madewell yesterday, and none of them looked or fit correctly for me.  I also tried on some expensive ones at Nordstrom and did not bring home any of them.  Finding good jeans is like shopping for a bathing suit, right?

Thank you Ann Taylor Loft for lined tops and dresses, making them not see-through!

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Summer Outfits for Women Over 40

Now that summer is in full swing, I want to share some outfit inspiration for your wardrobe.  I will share my summer outfit pieces I have purchased from Ann Taylor Loft, Nordstrom Rack, Target and more.  

Being over 40 what my body needs in a pair of shorts or in a t-shirt and other tops has changed.  What I shop for as a 46 year old has morphed into a renewed style.  I am still the same 20 and 30 something girl, wanting to express my creativity while paying attention to fit and length now that I’m near 50. 

summer jeans for women over 40 with frayed hem
Great frayed hem jean for women over 40

On trend this summer is the frayed hem; I do not feel comfortable with long fringe or distressing on my jeans, but I have found a pair from Ann Taylor Loft that I love!  I almost bought the light pink frayed hem capris, but i got the light gray ones with a hint of green.  They are comfortable and fitted.  This Loft Skinny Crop Denim is flattering for women over 40.  The frayed ends are delicate and age appropriate.  These Skinny Cropped capris have a higher mid-rise – they’re not high rise, but they are a nice secure mid-rise fit.   If you have large thighs, I recommend Loft’s Curvy Crop – I’ll show you those in a minute.

frayed hem over 40 women
The video shows them much better. Not too much frayed hem, right?

I paired these capris with this Target floral pocket tee with gray cotton at the top.  Get Your Pretty On first debuted this cute top on her blog, and it sold out immediately. Our local Target got these in a few weeks later.  So check yours.  This top skims my stomach and blouses out enough without adding extra bulky look to my over 40 outfit. 

Also paired it with gray Walmart cargo pants and Coach super padded loafer from Amazon.  I also wore my curvy crop denim capris too.  Aah, I love this light colored denim from Loft!  It is a true mid-rise and is roomy without being loose.  I sized down, and they fit great!  In my Spring clothing haul I’ll show you why I love these curvy crops from Loft because when I exercise, the waist doesn’t budge.  Very comfortable for me.  But those Walmart cargo pants, super stretchy.  But wear a belt.

ivanka-trump-sleeveless-top-blossom-loft-jeans-straw-bag 2
Such soft, stretchy but does not budge denim capris

This palm frond sleeveless top from Target is beautiful and a classic.  For this outfit I paired it with my coral Loft kick Crop from last year.  Loft capris have a classic style to me.  The fabric is a little stiff, and it would be a perfect work top.  Love the colors of pink and this pattern.  Look at this functional and smart detail under the arm holes!  Love this attention to detail.  You know I always do an under arm check before keeping tops. I took it back because I felt it was too stiff for me near the neck.  I wanted the collar-ish area to fold down more loosely.DSC_0101

This new linen brand from Loft is just an easy, flattering hang of a top for women over 40. This tee is a linen blend so it’s soft and happy and looks like fireworks, but they’re dainty flowers.

Paired this top with navy Nordstrom Rack shorts.  Y’all I bought these shorts in 4 different colors!  The length of these Nordstrom Rack shorts are long without being bermuda length for over 40 and tall.  I wore my turquoise ones to Costa Rica.

White shorts  I paired my white Nordstrom Rack shorts with a cobalt blue v-neck tassel tee by Ralph Lauren in Dillards.  Finding white pants or white shorts for women over 40 has been tricky, but I love these for summer.

Dillard’s has so many feminine, nice tees and tops for women over 40.  This Ivanka Trump Blossom flutter sleeve top is my favorite.  The top does not cling, and the arm holes are secure.  Do you see the detail stitching on my shoulders?  This pattern is found on Amazon too.  This black colored one that is exactly the same.  I made a foundations for over 40 makeup video wearing this top.

Hunted forever for this one. No snagging, great storage and on Amazon haha.

Here’s a straw bag for this summer.  Do you have this straw beach looking bag yet?  I bought this one off of Amazon; they have a darker one in the same look.  This straw purse holds three bags as well as my cell phone.  And it has a pocket; it does not zip.  But the straw bag does zip!  I love this bag’s storage.  The straps can poke into the bag if you want to use it as a hand strap bag.  Plus, it does not snag on ANYTHING.

straw bag women beach
3 bags and my phone stored in here

I bought this kimono spur of the minute from Kohls.  It’s a deep purple with a hint of navy from the Junior Department, but the size small was big enough for me.  I wanted to wear it as a travel outfit, but after my What Not to Wear on an Airplane video I remembered that I’d be tugging at the sleeves if I wore it.  I’m wearing this Kimono with all navy.  These Capri jeans have a tummy control in them and are a bit frayed.  I’d say they’re a little higher than mid-rise.  I would also wear it with my high waisted leggings and black tunic from Amazon.  I can wear it back for a more laid back look or all the way up.  I like that it is boxy and tie dyed.

kimono women over 40 summer outfit
Kimono outfit – all navy. LOVE!

I did take my skort  on a vacation.  This women’s active wear by Tek Gear at Kohls is long enough for a skort.  These have hidden shorts and pockets.  The easy wicking fabric helped when I kayaked in The Rockies.  They are not see through.  I’m showing you a turquoise just so you can see the details.  I bought navy.skort-women-active-wear

These very comfortable shoes from Kohls look great with dark denim capris.  They run true to size, and have support for my picky feet.  Wearing navy shoes is tricky because they can not match or look weird.  I absolutely love these!

shoes summer comfortable over 40
I have already worn these for airline travel. Very comfortable shoes!

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