Reigning from Dallas, Texas, Southfork Ranch beckons as the perfect quick and easy getaway for those seeking a taste of Texan charm and a dose of television nostalgia. Located just 25 miles north of downtown Dallas, this iconic ranch served as the backdrop for the legendary TV series “Dallas.”

Its close proximity to the city makes it not only a convenient escape but also an ideal destination for anyone looking to relive their 1970s Friday nights of  oil barons and family feuds.

In this blog post, we’ll explore why

Southfork Ranch is an essential thing to do in Dallas.

Here is how you can effortlessly make it a part of your Dallas adventure.


Travel Tip for Southfork:

Book your tour of Southfork online in advance. Visiting Southfork Ranch is an absolute breeze, and they’ve got their doors wide open to welcome you. Southfork Ranch understands that you might be eager to step into the world of the Ewings, so they’re open for tours almost every day of the year! You can plan your visit from Monday to Saturday, anytime between 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Travel Tip:

Sundays are reserved for special events and private functions, so it’s best to check their schedule beforehand to make sure you don’t miss out on the fun. If you check their website, they have dates blocked out in advance. For instance, they may close at 2:15 on the day you want to visit.


If you visit Southfork, take time to photograph parts of the Visitors Center, which the beautiful Southfork driveway leads you right to. It’s so fun hanging with JR and walking through the small museum riddled with pictures and other scene objects that take you back!

Brand New Thing to Do at Southfork

Did you know visitors can now book Southfork experiences and spend the night in the original Ewing house?!! Talk about a fun girls’ trip! They also have other tours and lunch things to do if you only have a couple of hours.


JR Ewing’s bedroom is a must-see!

That blue shade of wall paint from JR’s bedroom, along with the magical bathroom from so many scenes make this tour a must-visit if you are near Dallas. So fun! The giggling, the chandelier, and that swimming pool make the 1970s seem like yesterday!


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