Saint Michael and Saint Gudule Cathedral Self-Guided Audio Tour Instructions

Cathedrals in Europe are everywhere! When you travel to Belgium, you can go at your own pace with this self-guided tour of the Cathedral of Saints Michael and Gudule in Brussels.

What You Need for the Tour:

  1. Payment
  2. Aripods or Headphones or Ear Pieces (I used my bluetooth hearing aids)
  3. Phone

Travel Tip: Skip the line by using the interactive audio tour with your own phone.

You can also skip to the parts of the tour that are interesting to you. In only 30 minutes you can discover the history of this beautiful church on the hill in Brussels.

Since we had blue skies, I jumped up and headed out to explore the city before we toured the Christmas Market that night.

If you are wondering what you actually do at European Christmas Markets I have 7 tips that I learned.


Here is how you use the self-guided tour of the cathedral:

1. Look for the bar code sign as soon as you enter the cathedral.

Most people moved toward the left, but veer to the right. No line!

2. Scan the bar code to pay on your phone or at the kiosk.

It’s the best 4 euros you could spend today!

Travel Tip:

For me it was faster to use the kiosk because you just scan your credit card instead of typing it in on the app. But PayPal is an option and is just as fast if you feel comfortable using it in another country.


3. Use your airpods or other ear piece to listen to the entire tour.

The only convenient thing about wearing hearing aids is that I can use them to listen to the audio of my cell phone during the tour.

4. On each page of the interactive tour you have 2 choices:

  1. Tap continue to proceed to the next section of the tour.
  2. Tap the pause, forward triangle or back angle.

Travel Tip:

Wear quality walking shoes because almost all of this central area near Grand Place is cobbled roads. My list of comfortable shoes for Europe includes boots that are waterproof.

From the Marriott of The Grand Place, I enjoyed a 17 minute walk being guided by my Google Maps on the only sunny morning of our trip to Brussels.


Travel Tip:

If a special event is going on, they will ask you to stand at the very back of the church.

Since a church service was fixing to start on the Sunday I visited Brussels during my Christmas Market vacation in Brussels, being able to fast forward was helpful!

With a tour, you discover and finally see the tiny details of the carvings in this Baroque masterpiece.


Since we visited during the winter, this tour is a great indoor thing to do in Brussels.

And grab your European essentials list before ya go.

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