Summer Outfits can and should be comfortable and cool especially when we travel. But uncomfortable shoes can ruin the best views!

3 of the Best Sandals for Summer

What are some sandals that are comfortable for vacation outfits?

My favorite sandals are water-resistant for summer walks on vacation. This is my second pair or Merrell sandals because they have arch support.

The rugged sole will give you solid footing over gravel roads. They are not meant for advanced hiking.


Waterproof Sandals for Summer

These waterproof sandals were tested during my trip to Cabo San Lucas in 2024. I packed them with the sole – pun intended – to test whether or not they were waterproof. I did feel frumpy in them with just a bathing suit.

I like the blush tone of this sandal too against my color of skin. I feel like they elongate the vacation outfit look.

Very easy to put on and take off AND versatile for vacation outfits!

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DSW is a great place to go (and they have lightning speed delivery) if you just want to try a few brands. These casual sandals have cushion with support and are my go-to shoe for shorts because I do not feel over dressed in them.

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There is no other brown in this summer outfit, but because this sandal blends with my skin tone, it is a great match. I could walk for 3-4 hours in these shoes.


But when I do wear a fancy summer outfit, my favorite dressy sandal is this one that I am SHOCKED is still available.

Well crud, it is not available, but this sandal is very similar!

I wear them with my summer dresses especiallly our beach wedding in Cancun for an English woman and our pilot buddy who could not see each other for 2 years after getting engaged before the world closed.

If you need some winter shoes that are supportive for touring all day this video will show you how they look with my vacation outfits.


I hope you find the shoes comfortable for your summer outfit style! Thank you for stopping by.

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