In this post, we’ll explore the importance of layering and choosing the right outerwear for your European adventure. Layering allows you to adapt to changing temperatures and ensures you only pack in a carry-on suitcase.

1. One travel outfit strategy for packing in a carry-on is layering.

Check the weather before making that packing list! I have taught you how to pack the right pair of shoes for that weather and your excursions during your European vacation. Now you can confidently choose shirts as base layers. I cannot recommend this because

1. it does not wrinkle and

2. it is not see through and

3. it is

and the main reason 4. it does not look like an exercise t-shirt.


Here is how I plan layering outfit pieces for my travel wardrobe:

1. I choose a t-shirt like my one.

2. I would wear it in the airplane as a base layer.

3. I wear it on vacation with some fun shorts.

4. I pair it with jeans and a thin sweater like this wide oatmeal and black striped one or see links for the entire outfit here.

5. I could also wear it under a hoodie on another day. I could save it for the plane ride home or wear it as an exercise shirt during one of the last mornings. Caveat, I do not sweat profusely. If you do, pack Tide sink packets in your liquids bag to wash 3 shirts during your vacation.

2. Pack thin layers to maximize travel outfits for Europe.

The air can be stagnant inside a metro car. But you could be cold once you get outside. Packing for the “what-ifs” is taken care of because you traveled with thin layers for warm or cold temperatures.


Pack a Water-Repellent Jacket for Europe Outfits

This , and look at the backpack straps! You can wear the water-repellent jacket

1. over your shoulders

2. drape it on your luggage handles in the airport, or



This is not warm enought for sub-freezing temperatures, and the larger versions do not have the backpack straps.

Travel hack for jackets:

One of my Instagram followers gave this packing tip for Europe. She packs a (from the hardware section) because it’s a much smaller layer to cram into a pocket, a purse and then re-use on another rainy day. She also for quick rainy reasons – like going from your hotel to a restaurant and you do not really need the whole poncho.

I can only find the . The clerk told me they sell out very fast. But you can see online if you do not have one near you. You may be able to find really small ones at Walmart too.

Another travel hack is to stuff a plastic grocery bag in your coat’s pocket. When you board, stuff your jacket in the bag and toss it in the overhead bins if room. If no room in the bins, it won’t bet completely dirty on the floor of the airplane.

When flying to Europe, dress comfortably in the airplane.

I have some examples of what I should NOT have worn in the airplane and with some I have made the mistake twice.

Be smart with your packing strategy. As a pilot’s wife I have also learned tips and tricks to pack for 2 climates in only a carry-on suitcase that can help you think in a different way before you pack for Europe.

Need to beat jet lag after a really long flight to Europe? My video will give you some tips and tricks.

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