Traveling can be an exciting adventure, but the last thing you want to encounter on your journey is an unwelcome bedfellow: bed bugs. In recent news, hotels in Paris, France, have faced outbreaks of these pesky pests on their mattresses. To ensure a peaceful night’s sleep, we’ve put together four essential tips to help you check for bed bugs in your hotel room mattress.

Tip 1: Store Your Luggage Wisely

First and foremost, never place your luggage on the hotel bed or the floor. Utilize luggage racks whenever possible, or if none are available, consider packing a kitchen trash bag to create an impromptu barrier between your suitcase and any potentially infested surfaces.

Bed bugs can be sneaky hitchhikers, so it’s crucial to keep your luggage that you researched and saved up for off the bed until you’ve completed a thorough check. You can store your bag in the hotel bathtub. Keep it zipped all the way if no other option. After a long-haul flight, make yourself get over jet lag for a few more minutes so you can sleep in peace.


Tip 2: Inspect the Mattress Carefully

To ensure your safety, remove the sheet and topper from the mattress. Begin your inspection at the head of the mattress and focus on the seams where the piping meets the fabric. Bed bugs often hide in these tight spots, close to their victims. Remember, bed bugs are nocturnal creatures and dislike light, much like vampires, so use your phone’s flashlight to catch them in action. If you see any signs of these critters’ excrement or shedding, avoid bringing your luggage onto the carpet, as they could migrate to other areas of the room.

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Tip 3: You can see bed bugs with your eyes, but use your phone too.

Don’t hesitate to utilize the magnifying glass in your phone. It’s an effective way to spot bed bugs that may otherwise go unnoticed. If you suspect you’ve encountered bed bugs during your stay, be sure to inform the hotel staff immediately, as they are responsible for contacting an exterminator. Upon returning home, store your belongings in sealed bags until you can treat them properly. While the paranoia of bed bugs can be overwhelming, remember that prevention and early detection are your best allies.

Before you check for bed bugs,

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Tip 4: Check Your Luggage Before Entering Your Home

Once you’ve inspected your hotel room for bed bugs, it’s equally important to inspect your luggage before bringing it into your house. Bed bugs can live for up to six months, and if they find their way into your home, the extermination process can be lengthy and arduous. To save yourself from this headache, conduct a brief inspection on a ceramic or non-carpeted surface. While you may have traveled for years without encountering these critters, a quick, seven-minute check can provide invaluable peace of mind and ensure a worry-free night’s sleep.

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