In this travel outfit post, we’ll focus on coordinating trousers and putting the finishing touches on your European travel outfits

Your choice of pants can greatly impact your overall style and comfort during your trip.

Skip to the video of 10 outfits to wear in Europe if that’s more your style.

Versatile Trousers for Europe

Travel outfits must have versatile trousers that can be worn in Europe during any weather.

I like packing becase:

1. They are not loud when walking.

2. They have an elastic waistband. But I sized up since they are slim fit. I am size 10 usually and 5’8″ tall.

3. They have many pockets without being bulky.

Because these are solid, I can then wear them with many tops as my travel outfits in Europe.

I am prepared for the chance of rain during that vacation too!


    I love these joggers for travel outfits!

    They do not show your panty line. Nor do they wrinkle!

    Travel Tip:

    Gray is a versatile neutral color for trousers while on vacation.

    Some paper thin joggers are an ideal choice if you need travel outfits for summer! The elastic waist is a comfortable one too.

    If you need hidden travel ways to hide your passport under your outfits, this post shows you my favorites.


    Wide legged pants are great for while you are on vacation!

    But do not wear them in the airplane if they touch the ground so that you can wear them again during your vacation. These have been on my most watched video list of for years.

    Just pack those .

    The striped fabric makes these pants (Keep checking if any of these items are out of stock).

    Wear them with a red t-shirt, a blue blouse, a green vacation top, or this ! In my opinion they drape a woman’s body beautifully!


      Your travel outfits must be comfortable!

      Any of these trousers will help you because they are also versatile.

      But before you choose pants for those travel outfits, check the weather and plan your 2 shoes to pack.


      you also have the shoes you are wearing for your travel outfit in the airplane!

      Here are my most comfortable shoes for Europe’s cobblestone roads. And grab your freebie if you are packing for Europe.

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