Tourists can be easy targets for pickpocket experts. With so much to think about while visiting a foreign country, we are distracted. We are sleep-deprived after an all-night flight so we might move more slowly those first couple of days.

American tourists are not observant.

We do not pay attention to our surroundings. Being distracted with our cell phones makes a criminal have quick access to your valuables that is unexpected.

In a Metro train station or at a sidewalk cafe for example, we need to be observant with the people sitting next to our table.

Do not get pickpocketed with these anti-theft travel essentials.

We all know that criminals are smart and can in fact cut through our purses to pickpocket us.

Slash resistant straps on your crossbody bags will slow down a pickpocket attempt.

If among the easy tourists to pickpocket, your crossbody bag will be your second line of defense.

If you only have a few travel essentials, pack a small crossbody bag with slash-resistant straps, a criminal may move on to the next victim.

Since the weather was mostly rain, I needed to use a bigger crossbody bag that could also hold a travel-size umbrella.

Clips to hook your zippers together

will also help you not get pickpocketed. Why? Clipping zippers together slows delays the criminal from stealing your crossbody bag contents.

We want to delay their crime, so these easy-to-pack travel items solve that worry!


When I visited Brussels, Belgium, I packed these items for a 5 day trip. We would be in crowded areas.

We were also holding food and mulled wine with both hands. In the winter, preventing crime is easier because my crossbody bag was under my jacket.


Tip: I found it easier to use a thin RFID wallet rather than the installed slots for credit cards.

I know you can use Apple Wallet in foreign countries, but I was fast, observant and accurate in fitting my cards into my wallet versus the slots.


Do not access hidden money belts in puble! Divide your cards between that anti-theft gear and your crossbody bag or the hotel safe.

And if you will travel to places with cobblestone roads, do not take luggage that has any of these bad features.

Travel Hacks For Packing
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