My Europe crossbody bag contents were so helpful!

When we visited the Christmas Markets in Belgium, I made a packing list of travel essentials. But THEN I checked the weather.

Since we had a 40% chance of rain every single day, I knew I needed a bigger crossbody bag. And this purse was perfect!

Here are all of the travel essentials inside my crossbody bag that I packed for Belgium:


1. Travel Umbrella

It is smaller than the size of my hand. Unlike some umbrellas, it has a strong velcro to keep it tidy when closed.

You can find this tiny travel umbrella in the line at DSW, but the clerk told me that they sell out as soon as they stock them.

Travel Tip:

Pack water-resistant gloves if you will be holding the umbrella during winter travel!

BONUS: you can type really fast on your phones with these gloves!

2. A Thin RFID Wallet

Now research is still out on whether RFID really works, or whether or not your item truly is RFID so it is really peace of mind. As long as I follow good anti-theft travel tips, I can use the thin RFID wallet quickly and pack it back in my crossbody bag easily. TIP: this fabric is smooth enough for large fingers to use.

3. A Cell Phone Charger

Since you will be take pictures with your phone and videoing the fun things to do at this Christmas Market vacation, your phone battery could give up on you while touring all day.

This power bank charges your phone twice. I like to keep my cord in an inner pocket that zips so there is no tangling. Odds are that you will need it late afternoon.

Travel Tip:

Do not get the 20000 charger. It weighs as much as a brick and is unnecessary for day trips.


4. Slash-Resistant Straps

Travelon is my favorite anti-theft pickpocket crossbody bag because of their slash-resistant straps I kept that one as well as my tiny champagne colored one, but since we were expecting rain on our vacation, I packed this bigger purse.

Here is a list of the best crossbody bags too if you need larger or smaller than the ones I have. I did test those in the list fyi.

5. 2-Sided Glasses Case

Even though there was unpredictable weather, it did get sunny one day woohoo! So I am glad I had my double glasses case that will fit my reading and my sunglasses. This pair fit perfectly as do any sunglasses that are flat like the ones Tom Cruise wore in Risky Business in that famous oxford shirt.

For touring Europe all day, I was glad I had waterproof boots that were actually comfortable because of their sneaker insole. Take my list of the best shoes for Europe if it would help keep you dry and comfortable when walking all day on cobblestone roads.

HIDE your passport or valuables by wearing these hidden essentials is a most recent post for y’all.


6. Safety Essentials

I also packed wet wipes for sticky fingers after a glass of Vin Chaud (hot wine) and crowds of tourists.

Do not forget euros in small change for

  1. toilets
  2. little glasses of mulled wine (3 euros) or one beignet for example

And if you need other bags that I use on almost every trip, I have my top 5 for you.

As a bonus, grab your Europe list of essentials before you go.

Europe Vacation Essentials
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