21 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Hi laurie. Loved your 7 tips about visiting Costa Rica. What is the name of the sunscreen mosquito repellent spa 15 you where talking about. I am in Canada and hope I can get it here. We are going this Jan/Feb 2019bto the carribean side of Costa Rica. But will be there rainy season.

    Thank you Janice

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    1. Oh my word, Janice. I’m so sorry that I did not see this comment until today! It’s called Sunsect. Make sure you get the 2 ounce and not the 4 ounce ones. Hope this helps. You will have such a wonderful time! Laurie


  2. thanks for the packing suggestions…I have a good place to hide paper money, take feminine pad out of wrapper and fold cash in there, the tape tab will let you take cash out as needed


  3. I love your fashion tips but on the button down shirts you can wear a tank top. Then there is no sewing. Maybe you had what’s is your suitcase and in tolieties.


  4. Recently found your YouTube channel, love all your travel tips! You mentioned for viewers to pass along any tips they may have, so here’s one that saves me a ton of space when traveling. I found this tip on Pinterest somewhere… use contact cases to hold Beauty/hair products. You can usually buy a set of 12 contact cases in different colors at Walmart. They actually hold quite a bit. I usually fill one case with day cream for my face, another case with night cream, one case with finishing paste for my hair, one for vaseline, etc. I label the contents using a permanent marker on the cap. They probably wouldn’t hold enough for a 2 week trip, but they’re great for a weekend getaway or a week long trip. They save space and they don’t leak. Keep up the good work on your videos! God bless!


  5. Hello . i been watching a lot of vedio . i am planning about 2 yeae to treavl to isreal. By watch the vedio i can learn how to do it.


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