The 4 Best Places to Eat in Bentonville, Arkansas

Bentonville, Arkansas is a hidden gem that is home to some of the best restaurants in the state. Whether you are a local or just visiting because the over-100-degree summer temperatures have made you escape, you will find that Bentonville has a wide variety of culinary options that cater to all tastes and preferences. Here are four of the best places to eat in Bentonville, Arkansas:

1. Tavola and Trattoria:

We stumbled upon Tavola and Trattoria in MidTown when finding a place to park around one of the cutest town squares in America. Searching for the best restaurant for a foodie is always a risk. But the authentic limoncello tasted like I was in Amalfi having a night cap.

Hands down the best limoncello I have ever had in the United States!

The cheese ravioli sauce melted in my mouth after downing the limoncello and homemade mediterranean salsa. You cannot go wrong with any of the choices of italian food when visiting. They offer fesh baked bread while trying to decide.


2. Table Mesa

Little did we know this is authenticity from the same owners of Tavola Trattoria.

Invest in the Cheap Dates. It’s the perfectly charred sweet bacon melting in your mouth because of the creamy bleu cheese and warm date. You only get 4 of them so take tiny bites!

I ordered the chicken topped with avocado and feta covered in melted provolone. So fresh and moist with a side of yuppie! We made it at home for guests. Melts in your mouth if you grill the chicken without burning one side like I do.

The steak bowl was huge!

3. Dessert and/or Coffee

We ambled into the connecting Bistro they also own. Just get this peanut butter pie.

Did NOT know that this bakery is also a coffee shop. Try this one morning after you walk around the square in MidTown. They even have a separate menu because they are so creative with flavors!

Eat it later…much later because you are going to want to treat yourselves to the next item on our best places in Bentonville to eat list.



4. The Preacher’s Son

Housed in a former Bentonville church, The Preacher’s Son offers an upscale dining experience with flavors you would not mix at home. The restaurant features a rotating menu that changes seasonally.

The Preacher’s Son is also known for its extensive wine list, which features a variety of domestic and international wines. But bring extra change cause it aint cheap!


If you like to eat early, be sure to ask to NOT be seated where the sun comes through the rafters (windows) up high. So many families asked to be reseated and luckily they could make that happen since we were there on a weekday evening.

We did miss the rooftop patio, so plan better than we did.

TIP: Street parking is easy on that end of the square.

If you want some travel hacks to help you pack for your trip to Bentonville, this list will help. I have created a freebie for ya for more hacks inside a hotel room too so grab that up!

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