Top 5 Bags for Travel

Are you tired of lugging around heavy suitcases while traveling by plane? As a pilot’s wife who’s been packing for 20 years, I know just how important it is to have the right bag for airline travel. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of the best 5 bags for traveling with only a carry-on suitcase. TIP: I use all of these bags for a flight within the last year depending on my travel outfit or mood or destination.

1. Compression cube bags

Travel tip for compression cubes is that they compress the air between your clothes with minimal wrinkles. You can pack more in them.

I pack a top or 2 with a couple pairs of undies in case the airline misplaces my carry-on bag that got checked last minute because of no overhead bin space in the airplane. That way you are set for a couple of days during your vacation.

You can organize one of the set of 6 cubes per family member or for different packing methods.


2. Crossbody bags

The easiest way to travel light is with a crossbody bag that is lightweight but holds a maximum amount of travel essentials. I have this brown one in black. There are so many pockets. I used to fit two glasses cases in it, but now that I used the double sided case, I can fit more in it when touring on vacation.

I may be obsessed with crossbody bag replacement straps. They blend with my travel outfits for that destination and are an inexpensive treat before a new trip.

Slash-resistant straps made me purchase this small but roomy RFID purse. Key feature in a crossbody bag is that the zippers go over the edges. This feature allows you to open the purse wide for quick access while traveling. AND my favorite part is that the fabric is smooth and shiny unlike other rfid bags.

TIP: always save room in your personal item bag in case you have a strict gate agent that tells you you only can have 2 bags while walking into the airplane. But as soon as you get to your seat, you can take it out fyi.


3. Backpack

For your personal item bag that you carry into the airplane, the backpack is one of the best for several reasons.

They allow you to be hands-free when walking the aisle of the airplane.

This one and my other favorite backpack has around 17 pockets for many travel needs! Note that the striped one has a bar at the top which sometimes I am not in the mood for. These are both the 15.6 laptop version.

But to help with in-flight organization I always pack:

4. Pouches for a Flight

Small pouches can fit into empty pockets of space in a carry-on bag or in a personal item. I have a set of 3 pouches to pack toiletries. TIP: pack one pouch in your backpack for the end of a long-haul flight and pack the rest in your carry-on for the hotel.

These small pouches hold headphones or feminine items or sugar / electrolyte packets.


5. Carry-On Luggage

To save money most passengers seem to be packing in only carry-on bags. I have a whole room of suitcases now that I travel with. I urge you to go into a store like Macy’s or JC Penney (which I stumbled upon last winter and hit pay dirt) to try out the important features for your air travel.

If I had to choose, the best wheels out of my 6 suitcases is the . But if you need more space the same wheels are on mine that has no outer pocket. I do think this carry-on gives you more space with the same wheels for cobblestone roads.

If you are packing bags for a river cruise or need road trip hacks, I have some helpful tips I have learned over the years.

But grab your medicine packing checklist below before ya go pack.

Medicine in theTSA Line
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