Are you scared to fly in an airplane? You may be afraid of flying for many reasons, but my travel tips will help ease those fears. If you have never flown before, that anxiety level is high before your even pack for your first flight. You can still have a great, happy vacation!

You may not have aerophobia like 25 million other adults. So how can you help yourself not be as scared when flying in an airplane?

Here are 4 travel tips that may ease your fears leading up to your flight.

Besides talking to your health professional prior to your airplane flight, I recommend watching videos of airplanes taking off. I have an entire series of Airline Pilot Answers Questions videos. My husband Chris is an excellent teacher and is soothing to listen to. He even explains turbulence in an airplane below.

Travel Tip 1: Identify what part of flying makes you scared.

Are you afraid of the lack of control in an airplane? Are you scared of the take off or the landing? Talk about these fears with friends or your doctor.

Even breaking down each little part before your first flight can help you or others pin point how to help you.

2. Research each process of your first flight

I have videos about how to go through the airport security line for the first time.

Before your first flight you could watch how I pack light so that I can fit travel outfits into a carry-on suitcase.

I show you ways that I organize my personal item carry-on bag that fits under the airplane seat so that you know what you will have access to at all times during your first airplane ride.

For those passengers who have never flown before, learning airline terminology may also help you not be as scared.

Sometimes knowledge is power.


Travel Tip 3: Distract yourself during the flight.

To lessen your anxiety in the airplane, you can:

1. Pack a real book instead of an electronic version. I squeeze that book so hard when the airplane goes through turbulent air.

2. Pack chewing gum instead of grinding your teeth.

3. Pray before and during the flight. Here are 3 things I specifically pray for: quick thinking for the pilots, a cloud of protection to help the airplane glide through the clouds, and for the plane to find smoother air.

If you are scared to fly because of turbulence,

watch this video of my husband explaining turbulence. He has a calm and reassuring voice that could help you be less afraid.

Even being married to a pilot does not take away my fears when there is turbulence. But it helps knowing that pilots are trained for responding to different air masses. It also helps knowing that airplanes are built to withstand varying air speeds and directions.


Flying in an airplane, even when scared, is done everyday by anxious passengers. But if you still are too scared to fly, do not feel bad.

I have a free packing list you can download even if you travel by car. It is an ultimate packing list for any trip.

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