These are the best ways to get over jet lag during and after a long-haul flight. I will teach you how to prevent jet lag, how to help your circulation mid-flight, and show you some other long flight tricks to use if flying to another country.

3 tips to get over jet-lag before your long flight:

Before you get jet-lag, do these 3 things:

1. over hydrate 2 days before your trip

2. do not eat a large, heavy meal the day of or the night before

3. put eye drops in and spray a decongestant in your nose to loosen everything up.

When your long flight lands:

Make sure we have early check-in at our hotel. One way we get over jet lag is to take a one hour nap and immediately take a shower.

If eary check-in is not available, search that airport to see if they have showers because a shower will rejuvenate you so that you feel refreshed and much more awake.

Pack essentials for a long flight.

I pack snacks for the airplane that are small and pre-packaged. If you have a long flight to another country, produce can have weird rules and may not be allowed so just be aware of that so you can research.

Do pack pre-packaged snacks or a meal you have bought inside the airport. I like grapes, graham crackers, cheez-its, or a sandwich from home.

Here is a frequently asked question:

Can I pack peanut butter? Peanut butter by itself counts as a liquid, but on a sandwich or crackers, it does not.

A travel hack for the day after your long-haul flight: Pack snack for first morning because you will be awake before shops and famished.

Refill your water bottle before leaving the airport or buy a bottle of water while touring that first day so that you can stay hydrated.

Another essential for the airplane during a long flight is your must-have medicine.

Pack medication in your personal item bag for 2 reasons:

1. if luggage gets lost

2. if you have to check your bag last minute because there is no overhead bin space and then it gets lost

Another way to get over jet lag is to pack a neck pillow.

A travel neck pillow is another essential only if my flight is over 5 hours long. This one is for long necks and attaches to your head rest to keep your head upright when trying to sleep in the airplane. Many viewers suggest if you do not have straps like mine to turn the pillow around for more support.

Another essential I love is this swing. It does not jiggle the seat back in front of you. It is adjustable for shorter or longer legs. It elevates your feet off of the airplane floor to keep your circulation going mid-flight.

But sometimes your circulation slows which make your legs swell mid-flight.

If you have swelling, use this long flight tip: do lower case abc’s with each foot every couple of hours. My feet muscles were so sore the day after because I did capital letter movements so just do lower case.

Walk to the airplane lavatory if it is easy to get out of your aisle to keep your blood circulating throughout the long flight.

I only recommend Dr. Scholls compression socks for a long flight. Tip: talk with your doctor first to see what type of compression may be dangerous if you have medical issues.

I have an old pair of compression leggings, but I have to be restricted no pun intended with my airport outfits if flying standby. These are all must-haves essentials if you pack for a European Christmas Market.

My eye doctor recommend Systane preservative-free drops and for travel they are individual vials. Put eye drops in mid-flight if you cannot sleep.

So before your board the long flight have some of your liquids in your personal item bag-like eye drops or face moisturizer.

1 hour before your flight descends, you should do 3 things:

use the restroom because the seat belt sign will turn on 30-45 minutes before landing, then you will have to stand in line at customs which could take another 45 minutes.

The number 2 thing to do in the airplane before it lands: pack your passport in a secure easily-accessible part of your bag.

The number 3 thing to do is wash your face like they do in first class. In the airplane lavatory get the hot water really hot, dampen a paper towel, and just press it on your face.

Number 4 is use eye drops to feel more refreshed and awake; airplane air can dry your eyes like crazy!

Number 5 is beat jet lag by walking yourself up with toothpaste tablets or just gum to help you feel fresh! But do not use the airplane sink; take a bottle of water.

Stay active to get over jet lag quickly:

1. Book a tour or food tour weeks ahead of time for first day. Here is why that helps: so you know the good areas for safe restaurants, as well as authentic food not touristy spots.

2. Eat nothing heavy that first day.

3. Drink bottles of water with one of them containing electrolytes. I have these LMT packs. They have sodium-but sodium is a needed nutrient…but use it as a boost that first day mid-afternoon for example.

They are potent so maybe half a packet per bottle. Even Pellegrino or Perrier would help because they have real minerals in them.

Samantha Brown says to not drink caffeine that first day, but I cannot do that.

Another travel tip for beating jet lag:

Prepare before your trip so that when you are sleep-deprived, your research is written or done for you. Finding train systems or which train to hop on in foreign cities can be super stressful.

Here is a tip: my husband researches the maps like the Tube in London and figures out which trains to take before our vacation. For the person who is in charge, it can be mentally exhausting making sure your family gets on the right train.

Tip: Some maps are printable too.

Another travel tip for the metro station trains in Europe is that there is no air flow so be sure that your outer layer is one you can tie around your waist. I would not pack a vest for that reason.

Get over jet lag by staying alert:

Drink mineral water because it has real minerals in it to rejuvenate you. I pack LMNT vitamin B-12 booster powder mixes to drink with water. Staying hydrated and active will help you get over the foggy jet lag feelings and not fall victim to pickpockets.

If you need some anti-theft tips for a pickpocket area, check out this video at any time.

Be sure to grab the free explanation of whether or not you need to pack a converter for Europe if you have time!

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