Here are anti-theft travel accessories to wear on vacation. This gear will prevent being pickpocketed when travel. One way to prevent being pickpocketed is by wearing anti-theft gear when touring.

Here are some hidden things to wear to help you not get pickpocketed.

Under your clothes:

Money belt – the old classic. It ain’t pretty, but it is soft against your skin and can even hold passports.

Bra clip is NOT to be used while touring but rather to have a hidden place for cash or credit cards while not in the room. The tip is to separate your cash or valuable so they are not all packed in one spot.

Amazon makes socks with a pocket. Again, this is just to hide and divide your cash or cards while out and about. You as a tourist should not reach for anything in this sock while in public.

You can also buy a brush that allows you to hide cash in one end.

If you kept an old deodorant stick, roll up bills to hide in there when packing. Even chapstick tubes can hold a bill or two when empty.

The video of may help you even further.

Scarves-this Amazon scarf has a hidden pocket. Be sure to check that the zipper blends in because a hair tie in my video did not blend in. And that negates the point of your cleverness.


RFID passport holder: the cover of your passport has a shield of protection; your passport has to be open to have the identity stolen, and the machine has to be within 6 inches. We also think it is easier and more convenient to have the passports in a waist belt rather than in a book for each person.


You can pack an RFID wallet – your card identification can only be scanned if if is the type of card that can swipe over a machine to pay. Mine comes in other colors for the guys out there who do not like pink. This for this year. Large fingers can get into each of the 3 main pockets. Pushing the cards out of the slots is also easy to do when you are trying to be inconspicuous in public.

I love this RFID crossbody purse because of 2 reasons:

1. Slash-resistant straps

2. Small size but because the zippers go over the edges, it opens wide for many travel essentials.

3. The fabric is not that usual rough RFID slash-resistant fabric found on most anti-theft crossbody bags.

If traveling in the winter, having a crossbody under your winter coat is easier to hide.


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