How to Watch Netflix in the Airplane With NO Wi-Fi

Whether you need to drown out the cute but crying baby in row 22 or if you get bored inside the airplane, these tips will teach you how to watch Netflix even with no wi-fi. TIP:

You must get this ready before you go to the airport.

And do not forget to pack your phone charger (or power bank) like I did. Here is what I do before every flight: I put my car keys under or beside where I am charging my phone that night.

You can also download YouTube videos to watch in the plane, but you need to have a Premium paid account.


On your phone scroll to the show you want to watch. Tap on the season or the movie so that it is in list form in your Netflix app.

Tap the down arrow to the right of each show to begin the download process. You must be connected to wifi for this to work.

TIP: the show will expire after a certain number of days.

When you get into the airplane, you can start watching. And when you are at 35,000 feet, you can continue watching.

TIP: you do not need to connect to the airplane’s wifi, but being in Airplane Mode will help save your battery (learned from experience).


I wait until after the flight attendants have done their safety briefing before I watch my shows. What is a good one to watch? I loved Cobra Kai fyi. Then I open the Netflix app, and in the bottom right corner is that down arrow with a circle around it. Tap that, and you can watch the shows in the airplane even without wifi! Even over the ocean!

Especially if you have jet lag or cannot sleep in the airplane, watching Netflix helps pass the long flight time.


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