I’m Laurie, a Houston pilot’s wife, former elementary school teacher, and mom to a teenager, dog and cat.

Twenty year of traveling the globe have taught me tips I can share with you!

Twenty years of traveling with only a carry-on suitcase means I have been in the same seat as you! Learn from my mistakes so you can focus on your vacation.

Travel the Globe Without a Worry in the World.

Want the Ultimate Packing List?


I absolutely love your travel videos, Laurie. I’ve been using some hacks for years but I always learn something new from you. Ordered the Travel On crossbody bag, and it arrived yesterday. The interior is a light, bright turquoise blue, but the coolest thing ever is that it has a tiny attached penlight inside! Also, I have never been able yo sleep on long-haul flights, but I’m hopeful I will be able to do so with the Cabeau neck pillow. We’re travelling to Spain in mid-July on a two-year delayed trip, and I’m so excited! I have used carry-ons only for about six years, and it’s the ONLY way to go. From one teacher to another, you are great at teaching travel tips and hacks – thank you!!

Lisa Goldberg

Hi Laurie … I flew last week JAX…MSP … Kalispell with my Service Dog. Your tips make all the difference and cooperation is the key. If you give yourself plenty of time, you will not stress when you get pulled out of line and asked to stand there and wait! TSA is a busy place and they have a job to do… rules change by the hour and at each airport. Smiles and kindness are free and those TSA people deserve it! Thank you Laurie for all your tips and reminders!!! Safe travels!!!


You are such a worth of knowledge. I watch and re-watch to make sure I don’t miss anything. I have used many of your suggestions and appreciate the work you put into making these very informational and sometimes funny videos. Thanks again, you have made my upcoming trip so much easier to pack.


Travel Tips by Laurie Thank you Laurie…it’s been over 30 years since I have flown and with so many changes I just want my current experience to go smooth. Your videos are vert helpful and I THANK YOU FOR ALL THE TIME YOU PUT OUT THERE FOR ALL OF US WHO ARE NOT SURE OF WHAT TO EXPECT WITH OUR TRAVELS.

Darlene Smail

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