Here are 8 packing hacks for a carry-on suitcase.

These hacks are the best packing tips for airline travel. If you must pack in a carry-on suitcase, use these 8 tips and tricks.

I promise they will help you pack, but you must follow along because I teach you why and how to pack without making the mistakes I have made.

Number 1 Hack:

Pack a minimum pair of shoes. My packing hack is to only pack 2 pairs.

Here are the tips for this hack: pack outfit pieces that will match with those shoes and the ones you wear inside the airplane.

Another trick that is so easy and many of you will love this one: shoes do not have to be packed together!

Tips to help you pack a minimum amount of shoes is 1-start with a color scheme. I choose vacation outfits in blue for summer and black clothes in the winter.

This hack allows you to add pops of color or patterned shorts or shirts so that they can be worn with more while only packing 2 pairs of shoes.


Packing Hack Number 2:

Use a sock to pack your socks. Slide that tube into a shoe, or squeeze it into open space. Watch this video for all the . Use another sock to pack your undies!

Number 3 hack is the one most passengers skip:

Pack all the way into the corners of the carry-on. See how they are rounded? A bra would fit in that smooth edge.

I usually pack shoes along the edge, but look at the packing mistake:

What happens when you pack a shoe in the corner? There is empty space.

We as expert travelers will use packing hacks to fill every amount of extra space in our carry-on bag. Curve your sock from the number 2 hack into that rounded corner. Fits perfectly.

Number 5 is a classic packing hack for carry-on trips is to pack in-between the suitcase handles of your suitcase.

There are 3 things I have packed in that space:

flip flops


a few shorts

The number 6 hack is for any packing method: folding, rolling or compression cubes:

When you pack, take your heaviest item like denim or a sweater and drape it over all of your carry-on items. Since it is mostly flat, it will mold to the contents of your suitcase.

You know that I have used the blue Level8 carry-on for the past two years and in my luggage comparison video at the very very end I said that the blue one was my favorite because of the quality features.

Now I have this with no outer pocket! Notice that this carry-on does not have an outer pocket! This is my second spinner carry-on from Level8. The handles do not wobble either.

Here are my travel outfit details: , , the perfect , and the 15.6 laptop size backpack with 16 pockets.


The number 7 packing hack

I used in Cancun was I packed my shorts to change into at the baggage claim restrooms inside the airport.

Pack plastic baggies or canvas bags for wet bathing suits at the end of your trip.

Plastic bags can be used if renting a vacation place with a kitchen:

marinade chicken in there while on vacation

store leftovers in plastic bags in the fridge

pack them in your carry-on so that you can divide a huge bag of chips into smaller portions

If packing for international trips this year, or for carrying your suitcase up stairs.

The wheels are also somewhat embedded.

One tip is just for the airport. After 20 years I just realized this year to push your suitcase from the corner of the handle; do not rest your hand on the top in the middle.

When walking through the airport with your carry-on, you use less effort.

The number 8 hack is what made me go viral on Instagram:

If you are stranded or if your luggage is lost, use this packing tip. Pack a few undies and 2 shirts in a compression cube. Pack that in the very bottom of your personal item bag.

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