I found the smallest personal item bag that is a rolling suitcase. AND I can teach you how to pack 8 outfits in that one bag with these 6 minimalist packing tips.

Could you pack in an airplane’s under-the-seat bag if you had to?

Travel in 2023 is restricting luggage size for carry-ons, even the airplane’s under the seat bag. Many passengers do not want the hassle of finding overhead bin space or even trying to lift a suitcase.

First, I ran a few rows back and tested this suitcase under the middle airplane personal item bag space. Then I tried another seat that had the electronic box hogging most of the space.

It still fit under both airplane seats! 



Tip 1:

You must check your airline’s size dimensions allowed for a personal item. Be less stressed because you stressed less.

Tip 2:

To be most efficient, check the weather at your destination combined with the activities you will be doing.

Tip 3:

Choose only 1-2 shoes to pack. A travel tip is that shoes do not have to be packed together. This is the most important step for packing in an under-the-seat piece of luggage.

Since I knew I needed water-resistant shoes, I wore them on the airplane as my travel outfit. Notice that I also chose a neutral color so that the shoes would coordinate with other vacation outfits.

Tip 4:

I packed bottom pieces as part of my travel wardrobe that could be worn with several tops. In choosing tops, I packed a color scheme of blue. Navy blue color tops would match with my travel outfit jeans in the airport as well as with my green pull-on trousers.

Gingham can look pulled together while still being casual.

My red cashmere sweater could be worn by itself, over the gingham, over the blue tee.

Oh my word, the blue tee! I have 5 of this brand because of how flattering the fabric is on a woman’s body. It is more of an elevated casual shirt. I have the long sleeved version, 3 of the sleeveless and one with short sleeves.

Tip 5:

Minimizing Toiletries in an Under Seat Bag:

You’ll notice in the video that I ditched even my pouches because they took up too much room. This outer flap becomes a hanging toiletry kit that was actually really convenient.

I also took a neutral makeup palette with one accent color so that I could pack fewer brushes.

With wheels that are embedded, I think it does 2 things for your trip. It allows you to roll your hand luggage with protected wheels, and it helps it be within the size requirement of your airline.


If you have never packed in compression cubes, they are a space saver for travel! In my under the seat bag, I folded my vacation outfit pieces, my pajamas, a pair of shorts and undies/socks in the cubes. With 2 zippers, all the air is squeezed out so that they become like books in the bottom of your suitcase.

I also could fit my curling iron inside the top edge.

Tip 6:

One travel hack I figured out while playing “luggage tetris” is that when going through the airport security line, you do NOT want to open the suitcase because you will never be able to fit everything back inside!

Here is what you do: Clip your liquids bag to the suitcase handle just for the TSA line.

Once you get to a spot where you can get organized, carefully open your suitcase to pack your bag of liquids in a secure spot.

I hope these tips help! If you need some , here is the most updated tips and tricks.

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