6 Comfortable Travel Outfits to Wear in Nashville 2023

When I packed 6 outfits to wear in Nashville, Tennessee for a girls’ weekend, cowgirl boots were and still are the number one item on the list for 2023! Whether you will have a bachelorette weekend in Nashville or want outfits for you and your friends, this list will be comfortable and cute! And so much fun! We flew into Nashville for our girls’ long weekend trip so our travel outfits included an airport style outfit.

Do not miss the bonus tip!

1. Boots to Wear in Nashville:

1. Find the most comfortable one for you. 2. Plan when you will wear them if you cannot walk all day in boots. 3. Plan on using Uber if there is not a major concert (or 2 like our last night). It took us until 1 am to find an Uber driver available on our last night. Walking back to our Airbnb was through a skechy part of town so that was not an option that we thought would be when we originally booked.

2. Themed Country Western Outfits:

For our girls trip to Nashville we all wore graphic t-shirts. Notice the guitar pick as the i’s dot on my tee! Here is what helped me:

1. Check the weather before I pack. 2. When will I wear shorts? When will I wear jeans? 3. When will we be coming back to the house to change outfits?

As a pilot’s wife, I have packed in only a carry-on suitcase for over 20 years. I teach travel tips on my YouTube channel that may help you for an upcoming trip.

3. Easy Outfit for Dolly Parton’s White Limozeen

I knew that on the day we visited Dolly Parton’s White Limozeen, that we would head from there to the main drag in Nashville so I chose an elevated sneaker shoe, pink patterned shorts and a black top for many of my travel outfits. So I was comfortable in feminine sneakers but confident by wearing pink. And my shorts were elastic waist! Find out my tips for getting reservations at The White Limozeen if you are visiting in the Fall of 2023.

4. Party Tour Outfit

Being outside at night for the totally fun Big Red Tractor Tour could be chilly so I wore cut offs, my black shirt and a sequin jacket.

Trust me, the pink one does not look right in person. The black sequin jacket was thin enough but lined nicely for higher quality. And I knew I could wear it over a black top for an indoor songwriters’ dinner on another night out…but not outside.



When planning travel outfits for our girls’ weekend trip,

I strategically planned one day to be our tour Nashville and walk the entire city day.

Comfortable, supportive shoes are a must in Music City! I am very confident wearing my real tennis shoes, cut offs and a country western t-shirt.

5. Graphic T-Shirts for Music City

So many tourists wear matching tees for Bachelorette weekends, wigs (although ewww the sweat), cowboy boots and hats. In all my research I had heard that only the tourists wear cowboy hats, but my Stetson hat was comfortable. And it was my daddy’s so it made it special. I would pack it again mostly because I did not have clean hair for the flight home so I needed that hat!

Fun dresses was what I wanted to wear, but I knew I could not walk the city touring in my cowgirl boots for an entire day.

6. I have three of these for vacation outfits:

dresses that can be worn with cowboy boots in Nashville to a speakeasy or anywhere! I am 5’8″ and a size 10 so the Medium dress fits perfectly. Pro Tip: it will not fly up if windy.

Loose planning is key so that you can be flexible, but if you really want those boots, you have time to Uber back to the house to change. But remember this:

2 TIPS for Nashville:

1. Some of the honkey tonks would not allow backpacks at all. And the places who did allow them thoroughly searched my friend’s bag before she could join us. 2. Car traffic is a nightmare so Uber can take 20-30 minutes just to get from one location to another.

Our rental house was an 8 minute walk to Alan Jackson’s bar on the main drag, and it took 30 minutes with Uber by the time we notified them and actually made it through traffic.

Back to the outfits for visiting Nashville: wear all the girlie things you want. You will never see these tourists again. But be comfortable!


On the day that we toured all day, we planned to enjoy a speakeasy at night. TIP: any speakeasy will be amazing and fun in Nashville. I wore my other pink dress with the boots for this outing.

We did walk around, but not all day in these boots.


But I made sure I packed my sneakers. this fun graphic tee that says Howdy could be worn with:

black jeans

cut off shorts

blue jeans

white shorts

white capris

or a fun skirt

7. Bonus: 2 of the Best Purses for Your Nashville Outfits

1. Since I was the driver, I had the rental car keys and my phone and thin wallet I always travel with that all fit in this fringe crossbody bag purse.

I tried so many from Amazon, and this was the best quality. But try some out so that you know you can pack what you need for touring and fit it all in that bag when walking around Nashville. When the purse arrived, the fringe was not tangled either!


2. But the most convenient bag for Nashville was my belt bag fanny pack that was adorned with fringe. This fanny pack screams Nashville. The leather is lightweight but soft and smooth as butter! I could fit more travel essentials in this bag than my purse. Top notch and so helpful when visiting Nashville.

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