5 Travel Items to Hide Your Money

Tourists are an easy target for criminals who want to pick your pockets without you knowing.

The best defense for travelers is anti-theft bags that hide their money and other valuables. Whether you will travel to Europe or to Chicago, here are my tips on 5 of them to protect your valuables.

1. Hidden Money Belt

This classic way of hiding money has been an essential for travelers for years. But THIS one is smooth against your skin, not pulling at your skin when concealing it under your travel outfit.

Why I Like This Money Belt

  1. RFID blocking technology
  2. 4 pockets
  3. Buckle is embedded
  4. Easy for large fingers

What is RFID blocking technology?

It is embedded in some fabric to block criminals who have the technology that scans your credit card personal information. This hidden money belt blocks that IF you put credit cards in there.

Traveling Internationally?

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Let’s be clear. Hidden money belts are supposed to stay hidden.

Do not reach for items in these hidden travel gear when in public. My travel tip is to separate your credit cards in case one bag gets stolen.

2. Stretchy Band

This band hides two passports packed vertically. I really use it to walk my dog. It does NOT have any RFID blocking technology.

Some passengers like to wear this band around their waist for a long airplane flight to protect valuables. This band does not have any clips; you put it on like shorts.

Travel Tip for Hidden Money Belts

You cannot wear these through airport security screening.


3. Hidden Necklace Wallet for Passports

This lanyard type hidden money gear does have RFID blocking technology, several pockets and is soft against your skin.

It is not big enough for bulky items fyi. When we travel, sometimes we leave our passports in the hotel room safe, and other times we tour all day with them.


4. Anti-Theft Crossbody Bag

I did not want to buy this anti-theft crossbody bag because I though it was too large, but it is not too big. It was helpful for protecting my cards and Euros in Belgium traveling solo.

  1. It can fit so many travel essentials including a travel umbrella.
  2. It is smooth.
  3. Slash-resistant straps give me peace of mind when traveling.

Do NOT miss this video if you are a female solo traveler. These are life-saving tips!


5. My slash-resistant straps crossbody bag

This was my first love while traveling because of the slash-resistant straps like the one above.

But I LOVED it because this anti-theft crossbody bag felt smooth as butter unlike many anti-theft purses.

But alas, it was too small for 40% chance of rain for 6 days in Belgium.

Travel Tip for Anti-Theft Crossbody Bags

I felt more secure by using a thin RFID wallet instead of the slots for credit cards that crossbody bags include.

With a winter coat on (that I bought on the layover after forgetting my awesome one), I didn’t fumble around, possibly losing an important valuable while trying to find the slot in a hurry.

This wallet is also good for large fingers fyi.

Hope these tips help you find a bag to protect your passport or money when traveling.

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Striped sweater, , carry-on suitcase, backpack, , slash resistant crossbody bag, and the I forgot (long story). It has straps so you can toss it over your back when you get hot in the metro trains with no air flow.

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