Packing Toiletries: 8 Space-Saving Tips

If you pack travel toiletries in carry-on bags, these tips will help you save space. When you need to save space with toiletries, you can pack them in different ways. You will also know the travel essentials for that trip if you follow these tips.


When I teach you tips about toiletries I am talking about dry travel essentials that may fit in a toiletry kit or case. You will also learn travel tips and tricks for liquid toiletries.

These travel tips can help you save space:

Tip 1: Leave some toiletries at home.

Why? Saves space.

When trying to cut down on the amount of toiletries you pack, ask yourself this question:

Can I leave this bulky brush at home or use a comb because it is thinner to pack?

Can I do without this serum for a 5 day trip?

Tip 2 to save space: Buy some toiletries upon arrival.

Why? Saves space.

In Europe, they have very similar or the exact lotion or shampoo you may use. Buy band-aids or a brush or hair clips at your resort.

Tip number 3 is pack in smaller containers.

Some travel-sized toiletries are too big. They are taking up valuable space in your personal item or carry-on bag for a flight. If you want to pack your special shampoo in this double-locking tube, you could be making a big mistake.

Here is how to pack in smaller travel-sized containers:

If only a 3 day trip, you do not need a large container.

Test at home like I did. For a week in Kauai I only filled up half of my shampoo container. I could have packed 3-4 shampoo amounts in this container instead.

Think of how much room I would have saved. Here are 5 of the best bags for travel that may help you pack.

A travel hack

is to mix your shampoo with the hotel shampoo (my scalp requires a special shampoo so I cannot do that). But do you see how that adjustment in what you pack in can open up space for additional toiletry containers?

Another tip for liquids is that these top quality no-leak containers also come in different sizes. BUT they can still have bulk.

Tip number 4: Swap out some toiletries.

Swap out liquid toiletries for solid so that you can save space in your quart-sized bag.

Do not pack the entire eyeshadow pallet, or can I just pack a small basic makeup pallet that has one accent color in it?

Pack antibacterial wipes instead of the Lysol spray so you have more space in your liquids bag.

Swap pills to just one of the days’ worth of pills because that size is all that I need to take.

Swap liquid toothpaste for toothpaste tabs if you need more space in your bag of liquids. I chew up 2 of them instead of 1.

Swap your face cleanser for balm because it fits in a small container. Decant what you need because it will not budge if in checked luggage.

Another swap is to pack cleansing wipes.

TIP: wipes do not count as liquids.

If you have sensitive skin though, I highly recommend these cloths by

She had really bad acne, and her transformation is amazing! And the face cloths are handmade with velvet tags.


For eyeshadow brushes, pack only what you need.

Pack them in a baggie if you need lightweight bag. Then at your hotel pack them in the cup.

I love , but I do not take it all the time.

I can pack my stick deodorant which is not a liquid-only gel or spray is.

It stands on its own and folds down for easy access to the makeup brushes.

Before you pack toiletry essentials, my tips are:

figure out what toiletries you do not need to pack,

figure out what toiletries can be swapped for a smaller or more efficient item,

and what containers can be packed more easily into your carry-on bags. I hope these packing tips help.


If you need tips on how to organize your personal item backpack or tote bag, I have some good tips which I think will be understood better in video form. And don’t leave home without your freebie down below.

Travel Hacks For Packing
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