Dive into 4 of the comfiest dresses for a beach vacation you will ever find! I add these dresses to my travel outfits for Spring and Summer vacations.

4 Dresses for a Beach Vacation

Women of any size would have fun wearing these dresses as  a vacation outfit this Spring for 3 main reasons:

  1. They are roomy but fit comfortably.
  2. The styles of the dresses can be casual or dressier.
  3. They are all flattering on women.

I have owned the first two dresses for 4 years!

The best feature of all four of these dresses is that none of them cling!


Beach Vacation Dresses

Features for this fun dress I wore in Mexico:

  1. Slightly sheer so pack a mini slip
  2. I am size 10, 5’8″ and sized up to a large since it is 100% cotton.
  3. Did not have to iron this after a 2.5 hour flight-wore it the 3rd day

Casual style for a beach vacation:

Wear it with flip flops. This dress photographs so well as a travel outfit at the beach!!

My crossbody bag for travel comes in many colors, and I own 3 of them. So many pockets with fantastic zippers and a pin striped inner fabric!

Dressier style in a restaurant:

Wear with some heel.


I have 3 of these dresses for vacation

Once the Spring season hits, I wear these dresses. Did you notice I have 3 of them?

Women’s clothing must be comfortable and these dresses are all my favorites for beach vacations!

Features for these Spring dresses:

They are not see-through.

They are true to size and very comfortable.

These dresses can be casual or dressy for a vacation outfit.

Shoes to Wear With Dresses on Vacation:

I prefer neutral colored that matches my skin tone because that elongates my leg. And I do not want to spend an hour trying to buckle or find the hole for a sandal strap. For solid footing, I choose sandals that do have a strap.

These are my .

I will keep trying to find my other sandals that do not require a buckle. Similar .

These are great for a short trip. I can slip on these shoes for a restaurant look. I prefer straps.

Tip for Vacation Outfit Shoes:

Go to a store and try on a bunch; buy what you like. But walk around in your home to see if they are very comfortable when walking and sitting. If you do not love them, go somewhere else! Nordstrom has free shipping and returns and DSW does too I believe.


High Neck Dress

This new dress has such a fun pattern for a vacation outfit vibe and is super comfortable. It does come in solid colors.


  1. Fully lined with a really soft rayon or something
  2. I am wearing my true size, and it fits perfectly.
  3. The neck is comfortable-I was worried it would be tight or stiff.

I have 28 beach essentials that I packed for Spring Break in only one carry-on suitcase. It is in video form for you.


Long Dress for Vacation

If a long dress is your favorite vacation style, this one is fantastic because:

  1. The straps are easy to adjust.
  2. It is not see-through at all.
  3. The straps do not dig into your skin.


On the website this dress looks like it is super low cut. It is not at all. I felt very comfortable and secure in it. But the straps are very easy to adjust!

Bonus Tip for All of My Vacation Dresses:

None of them cling. They all hang correctly and in a flattering way for my body type.

If you need travel essentials in case it rains, do not miss my ideas that I recently learned during my vacation of 40% chance of rain every day.

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