This travel update is for any passengers that pack in only a carry-on suitcase. Airline passengers who bring carry-on bags through airport security screening must have liquids in certain sizes. We also pack travel sizes to save space so we do not check luggage. As a pilot’s wife I pack in only a carry-on because we fly standby. So we never know if we will have a seat or not. And delaying a flight because they had to retrieve our bags from the belly of the airplane would be no bueno!

For carry-on bags we need travel-sized toiletries for 3 reasons:

1. Airport security still screens our liquid containers packed in our bags.

Have you heard the latest travel updates for packing liquids in carry-on bags? Soon we will not have to take out our bag of liquids for screening. But they are technically supposed to still follow 2 Transportation Security Administration screening rules for liquids:

  1. Carry-on bag liquids should still all fit in one quart-sized bag that zips.
  2. The containers for our liquids should be 3.4 ounces or less.

Remember that you can pack as many containers as will fit inside that bag. HACK: pack the containers horizontally if you wanna fit more in.


2. Passengers also pack travel-size so that their essentials are packable in carry-on bags.

Do you remember the “good ole days” when we could meet family members at their gate? Do you remember when we did not have the handle to pull luggage through airports?

Around 2008 airlines started charging passengers to check their luggage.

That travel update meant that more and more people wanted to pack in carry-on bags. Why? TO SAVE MONEY


3. We want to save space in our personal item carry-on bags.

Now we need toiletries that allow us to still pack for a 5 day trip in carry-on only. The key travel tip passengers have learned? Pack smaller items instead of bulky travel essentials. We have learned packing hacks for a carry-on and even a rolling suitcase that fits under the airplane seat in front of us.

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