Here are the 3 Most Comment TSA airport security line mistakes to avoid!

Flying can be an exciting way to travel, but navigating through the TSA line in airport security can sometimes be a hassle. Waiting in long lines and dealing with strict regulations can be stressful, especially if you’re in a rush to catch your flight. However, with the right travel tips, you can breeze through the TSA security line with ease and avoid making common passenger mistakes. In this blog post, I’ll teach you 3 mistakes that happen most often in airport security, so you can spend less time stressing and more time enjoying your travels.


1. Arrive at the airport security line NOT ready.

What you wear to the airport can help you be prepared for their screening process. One of their screening rules for 2023 has been different from years past. Pack your belt, wallet and any pocket items like kleenexes in your carry-on bags until after the TSA line.

Before I leave my house for the airport, I pack in an order to save time. Even in the TSA PreCheck line in 2023 I have had to take out tissues from my pockets before being screened at the IAH airport!

If you have never gone through an airport security line, practice what to do at home. The main tip is to not be in a hurry. But if you help yourself by packing your belt, wallet and have nothing in your pockets, you will get through the line faster and with less stress because you stressed less before you left your house.


2. Not paying attention to what the TSA officers say.

Listen to what they are saying while you are in line. I know you have coffee on your mind, but watch and listen.

Becasue of new airport security technology in many airports across the United States in 2023, you may not have to take out your liquids bag for screening. But the rule still is in effect. So we can speed through the TSA line by being prepared.

If you pack any liquids in carry-on bags, they have to be screened outside of your bags usually (see updates in previous sentence link). So if the item cannot hold its shape outside of the container, it is a liquid. Thus, the container it is in cannot be larger that 3.4 ounces (100 ml). All those containers have to fit inside a TSA approved quart sized bag and placed in the bins on the conveyor belt…usually.

TIP: I pack the liquids bag near the top of my backpack for easy access. If it’s easy to get to, I will be less stressed.

Another reason to listen to the TSA officers is that they could tell you that shoes stay on that day.


As a pilot wife packing in a carry-on suitcase for 20+ years, I have learned from making these mistakes over and over. Do not worry; you will never see the other passengers again or the TSA officers. So…

3. Do not carry on a conversation with the officers.

Be nice, but do not hold up the line with chit chat.

By following my 3 travel tips you are ready for your flight. I have some things I do inside the airplane once I sit down that you can grab below.

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