Here are the 10 essentials for Spring Break that I packed in only one carry-on suitcase.

I will teach you why the Spring Break item is a must-have.

My First Travel Essential for Spring Break trip is

1. Double Sided Glasses Case

for sunglasses and reading glasses while at the beach. I have sunglasses that can fit inside this case if you need those. Flat ones fit best.

Since I need my reading glasses in the airplane,

  1. Pack the case in my crossbody bag or
  2. Pack it in one of the pockets in the tote bag

I also pack this essential for Spring Break sunshine. If your phone will be with you at the beach or pool all day,


2. This pouch protects phones from overheating in sunlight.

I learned this the hard way.

When I lay on my patio for 20 minutes of vitamin D during hot days, my phone automatically turns completely off in order to not overheat. The magical case protects your phone from overheating.

It was from Shark Tank a few years ago. I bought 2 years ago, and it has been essential for beach vacations as well as for home!

Fabric is made out of NASA astronaut suits!


if you have a really padded phone case, get the Large. Mine is iPhone 14 in the size Medium.

Watch the YouTube video of 28 Beach Essentials if you would rather.


3. Full-Coverage Swimsuit

These bathing suits have been travel essentials for every beach trip!


After your flight pack swimsuit in your personal item bag with

4. My Favorite swim coverup.

5. I packed those two must-haves in a beach bag tote

not my compression cube. It is large enough for your beach essentials with TWO POCKETS to separate your phone from sandy items. Just pack it inside your personal item!

This bathing suit tankini has full-coverage bottoms, and I have 4 of these suits.

This but arrived too late. It is black and gold. Wide straps; holds my stomach in. But the bottoms are not full-coverage so I will buy solid black bottoms.


6. Sunscreen for Your Head

Sunscreen for the part in your hair is also very important so you protect your scalp during that first trip in the sun! This spray will get the sunscreen right  where the part is-especially for men.

7. Fanny Pack to Protect Valuables on the Beach

Protect your credit cards and phone while you walk on the beach. You can be hands free while you walk on the beach.

8. Towel Holder

I have used these parrot towel clips for years. They also have other plastic ones that are not cutesy.


You do not have to pack 2 of them. Just put your clip on the side the wind is coming from.

9. Pack a lens wipe to remove sunscreen.

I accidentally get sunscreen on 2 Spring Break essentials: sunglasses and my phone.

So be sure to pack at least one.


10. Spring Dresses for the Beach

This dress also photographs so well! I have had it a couple of years. I sized up to a large for being size 10 and 5’8″ and it is plenty long enough. This picture of the dress shows how easy it is for vacation (I never ironed it).

I have 3 of these dresses for beach trips which are not see through at all. They drape well and hide  those all-inclusive lunch buffet treats. All of these dresses iron easily too!

You can see 2 other beach dresses that I love.

Now that you have your Spring Break essentials, if you follow my 3 Step Packing System, you can fit these items in carry-on bags!

But grab your freebie if you need it.

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