Today you will learn 10 luggage features to avoid before you buy a new suitcase for airline travel in 2024.

One of my viewers asked me, “What is a good carry-on suitcase for this year?”

I learned these 10 features when I bought the wrong carry-on bag and it brought to mind all of the other bad parts so many suitcases contain!

So before you search for new hand baggage, carry-on bag or checked suitcase, here are 10 features to avoid.

Watch the video instead.

1. Avoid wobbly suitcase handles.

You want solid suitcase handles.

If the handles of your bag jiggle back and forth when you try to walk with your suitcase, it will be difficult in the airport.

Steering your luggage over carpet in an airport will also be difficult.

And we can’t be bothered with this stress on vacation!

With this expensive purple one, I fought the wheels even on airport tile floors!

2. Check the wheels’ steering.

My video shows how my carry-on immediately wants to steer to the right?

I fought the purple carry-on suitcase every step of my vacation.

3. Steer away from single wheels.

That feature is not a deal breaker, but sometimes single wheels can pop off in baggage claim or on uneven pavement or cobbled roads.

As a pilot’s wife we mostly travel in carry-on so I must test carry-on bags in person. I took a risk by buying online, but Monos had a very generous and easy return policy. But I had used it so I donated that bag.

4. Choose wheels with little friction.

You want them to be like good roller blade wheels.

This is how to test wheels of your suitcase:

Stand on tile floor or wooden floors. Push your suitcase. How long do the wheels roll before stopping? If it rolls for a long time, you have smooth and easy to glide luggage wheels.


5. Baggage weight

I have never told you about this carry-on bag because I knew my audience would not like it. It weighs 10 pounds empty!

Tip: check your airline’s size of luggage requirements.

6. Do not buy luggage because it is cute!

I totally made that mistake with this suitcase.

I had my return slip. But then I opened it.

I was in love with the light purple stripes on the fabric. They get me every time!

7. Avoid carry-on bags that lack space between wheels.

You need that extra space that dips down between the wheels.

Could you pack 3 more shirts in that section or an extra shoe?

So many suitcases are a rectangle with 4 wheels hanging by a thread.

8. You want those suitcase wheels to be somewhat embedded for added protection.

It’s an easy luggage feature to look for.

My old 2 wheeled Travelpro has high quality protection, and this type of bag is still available. I have not been impressed with their choices in malls so I have not bought one in years.


9. Check for high quality zippers.

Unzip your bag and zip it back, noticing how smoothly it goes around the corners of your suitcase.

Travel Tip:

Pack a jumbo paper clip so if the zipper does pop off, you can slide it in there as a zipper pull.

10. Can you lift your suitcase with 2 handles?

If you are right handed, do not miss this suitcase feature!

Make sure the suitcase handle is on the left side when looking down.

Your right hand will do all the lifting so your left hand can guide it to the luggage rack or the overhead bins.

My wonderful Delsey got given away because the handle is on the right side.

Here is the problem with just turning it around. It is not even because the handle is on the lower side. So it was almost impossible to lift the suitcase.

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